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Weekly Excel Links – After a Long Time Edition

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It has been a while since we have a weekly excel links post here, and that is not because there were no excel posts out side this blog. It is just because I have been a little busy at work and personal life (a big & exciting change happening, hush, hush) that I had to cut few posts to keep me sane.

But anyways, here is a fresh installment of excel links from around the web. I will try to post few more weekly links posts this month.

Match multiple items instead of one – using UDFs

Have you ever used Match() or other lookup functions and felt that the need for matching multiple items in a range? Well, you can do that using UDF (user defined functions). Newton Excel Bach provides a simple mmatch() UDF that can scan a range for multiple matching items in a row and then returns the row number. Try it…

Data Validation Trick – Use the same source, but validate differently

A simple but very intuitive data validation hack. AlexJ, who is also a regular commenter here, has suggested Debra @ contextures this hack.

How can you add 2 legends in a chart

While most of us wouldn’t need to use 2 legends in a chart, if you ever need to use more legends, this is one hell of a simple way to do it.

How to put images in a cell comment

How to include images in a cell comment ? Well, using VBA. But how ? That is where, JP @ Code for outlook and excel provides us this simple macro that can insert images in to comments.

Chart Tamer Beta Released – Future Looks Bright and Clear

Few weeks back I have attended the chart tamer demo. What is chart tamer? It is a product from Bonavista systems (the same guys who gave us Bonavista Microcharts product) that aims to simplify chart making process in excel. Well, it is an ambitious product, and Andreas, Stephen Few & team have managed to do that. The chart tamer looks very slick, works like a charm and promises a bright, clear and hassle free future for excel chart makers.

Note to self: enough already, write a simple review about chart tamer along with few screen caps sometime this week.

Note to you: I have been aiming to write that review for a while, then again, read the first paragraph of this post.

Got a link? or Want to just say hi?

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3 Responses to “Weekly Excel Links – After a Long Time Edition”

  1. Pankaj Verma says:

    Hey Chandoo,

    Hey any idea, how can we hide border from Group box (Created using Excel Forms Tool bar)


    Pankaj Verma

  2. Chandoo says:

    @Pankaj: if you are using group box in user forms, you could set the border property to "0" and it would hide the border. But form controls come with very limited properties. Did you try using VBA to set the border ?

  3. vinod Kumar says:

    Hi Chandoo,,

    Great work!! thanks a lot of lot of infor about EXCEL.

    Could you pls help us to know abt MACRO & VBA in a layman terminology.. Its great help!!

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