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Excel Links of the Week – All Downloads at One Place Edition

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Free Excel Templates for Download

25+ Excel Templates – Download and Use [plug]

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get all the excel downloadables in Pointy Haired Dilbert in one simple page? Well, I did and created this simple excel templates – download page. It has 27 templates currently and I will add more as and when we have new blog posts. Also you can find links to related discussions. Enjoy 🙂

Ten Principles for Chart Design

In another excellent post, PTS blog features this guest article by Mike Alexandar on ten things you should keep in mind when designing charts. Very handy checklist before you set out for that big investor presentation or board meeting next week.

Tracking Fed-Ex, UPS Shipments in Excel

Have you ever had to track your fed-ex shipments like crazy? Well, I did, when we ordered macbook early this year, I couldn’t stop checking the tracking site every few hours to see how close it is to our home. Now you can do that using this excel add-in. Quite handy if you use spreadsheets to manage your inventory and orders.

Google Opens up its Visualization API for Data on the Cloud

Good news! Google has opened up its visualization API. This means you can use data stored on the web in forms other than google docs with visualizations gadgets they have.

Sending Excel Data to MS Access

Excel and Access are like two brothers seperated at birth, even though they look and talk same way, it is difficult to make them understand each other. Debra at Contextures blog shows us a way to send excel data to access using a simple macro.

Presenting Market Share Changes

Remember the visualization challenge “how to show market share differences?” we had a while back? Well, Jon Peltier revisits this with a whole set of options. I suggest reading his post if you constantly make charts that show a set of products performed last year vs. this year.

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4 Responses to “Excel Links of the Week – All Downloads at One Place Edition”

  1. JP says:

    Thanks again for the link, Chandoo. But the add-in might be useless for DHL, they are going to stop domestic shipping operations in January. I'm working on another add-in with a userform that does shipment tracking in bulk. It will use the functions from the existing ShipTrack add-in, so you'll need to have that installed in order to use the new add-in.

  2. [...] 11/12/2008]: I made it to Pointy Haired Dilbert’s Excel Links of the Week, again! Check out Chandoo’s post here. Also I should mention that DHL is ceasing U.S. domestic express service on January 30, 2009. So if [...]

  3. karthik says:

    great job ya


    Hi, Can you please help latest version of Mutual Fund portfolio tracker in excel or google sheet format

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