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FIFA Worldcup Excel Spreadsheets [Roundup]



Looking for FIFA World cup 2018 Tracker? Click here.

Today FIFA World-cup 2010 is beginning. For the next 30 days or so, no matter where you go, you are bound to hear about soccer, world cup, teams, points, goals and what not.

As a tribute to this beautiful and lovely sport, I want to showcase some really awesome excel spreadsheets that are designed to track FIFA Worldcup 2010. Follow the links and Enjoy.

Most Comprehensive and Awesomest FIFA Worldcup Tracker – by Graham

Most Comprehensive and Awesomest FIFA Worldcup Tracker - by Graham
This is by far one of the most comprehensive and slickest Excel files on footbal that I have seen. The workbook can play national anthems of teams, show scores from past finals, has team ranks, automated scoring and much more. Just download and play with it. You are going to love it even if you are not a sucker for soccer.

FIFA Worldcup tracker from Excely – 2018

FIFA Worldcup tracker from Excely
This one page spreadsheet can easily provide team points and help you track everything you want in one place.

Comprehensive World cup Tracker with Live Scores

Comprehensive World cup Tracker with Live Scores
This tracker can update scores from web. Very useful if you want to know where teams stand at any point. Also, this is very comprehensive and provides extensive analysis of matches, goals, shots etc.

A FIFA Worldcup Tracker from Microsoft

A FIFA Worldcup Tracker from Microsoft
Another football world cup tracker / planner sheet with an added twist of ability to filter the team you want. Interesting stuff.

Worldcup Planner with team points

Worldcup Planner with team points
This is a straight forward tracker with option to track team points and calculate group standings. It uses macros, so enable them to get it work.

An Excel Tracker from Our Reader – Alan

An Excel Tracker from Our Reader - Alan
Alan from Computer Gaga shares this excel tracker using which you can find group level standings, track scores and do so much more.

Well designed Excel Tracker and Planner

Well designed Excel Tracker and Planner
Another very well designed Excel based football tracker / planner. It doesn’t seem like an excel file, but more like a web page. Check it out.

One Page FIFA 2010 World cup Tracker from ExcelTemplate.net

One Page FIFA 2010 World cup Tracker from ExcelTemplate.net
One page tracker to keep track of scores and more.

Beautiful Flash based FIFA 2010 Calendar [non-excel]

Beautiful Flash based FIFA 2010 Calendar [non-excel]
Ok, this is not an excel based thing, but it is very beautiful and easy to use. It is a flash based calendar with clear views of matches and scores by date, group, country.

FIFA Worldcup Excel Files on Chandoo.org
I have posted 2 workbooks related to FIFA worldcup on Chandoo.org. Check them out too,

Do you know any more excel based trackers / planners / wall charts for FIFA Worldcup 2010?

Please share using comments. I would love to see more excel files and learn from them.

Happy weekend 🙂


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26 Responses to “FIFA Worldcup Excel Spreadsheets [Roundup]”

  1. J. J. says:

    Nice roundup! Do you know of any one-page spreadsheets which will be updated by an administrator after each game? Would be nice to be able to print out the latest results whenever I feel like checking them as I probably won't be following closely every day.

    I actually haven't tried any of the above ones yet, but I thought I'd mention this one that I found which makes a nice one-page form you can fill in dynamically. http://exceltemplate.net/sports/world-cup-2010-schedule-and-scoresheet/

  2. Diego Garcia says:

    I would like to recommend you these one: http://www.anotagol.com/
    You can choose your interface language (english, spanish, italian, portuguese, german or french) and your country for the timezone of match. I like it very much.

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  4. Rohit1409 says:


    I strongly recommend this :


    Chandoo how you found this ...

  5. Chandoo says:

    @Rohit.. really beautiful file. I missed it during my research. Now, I recommend it. 🙂

  6. Mourad Louha says:

    Hi Chandoo - thanks for the recommandation 🙂 - Regards

  7. [...] Excel, then print it on the other side of your Match Schedule from step 2 above. There are several other Excel spreadsheet templates you can download, but this is probably the only one-page version you can find; plus, it [...]

  8. Robert says:

    Does anybody know how to re-create this(?): http://www.marca.com/deporte/futbol/mundial/sudafrica-2010/calendario-english.html
    ...or do you know where a template can be found? I am DYING to have something like this on my site. When I found it, I had been looking for the longest time for a circular calendar. I found a couple that weren't adequate. Then I stumbled upon this one and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. If anyone can lead me in the right direction, I would be eternally grateful!

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Chandoo says:


    Doing something like that is a lot of work. You can probably get it done with some hired help from a flash developer.

  10. Pedro Wave says:

    @Robert, the World Cup flash in the Spanish Marca newspaper is impresive, but not much as my own animated spreadsheet with the Goals of 2010 World Cup South Africa in Excel that I just published into my blog:

    Download from here:

    And start to enter the goals of the rest of matches.

  11. Neil says:

    Has anyone seen, or made, a Spreadsheet where you can record the scorers and see a 'top scorers' chart. Would be a nice enhancement

  12. Chandoo says:

    @Neil... checkout this one http://www.inflexionary.com/sports/world-cup-2010-excel

    it uses macros to fetch scores from web (and provides very comprehensive analysis too)

    @All.. Thanks for the comments. I have updated the post with few more links now.

  13. Sergio Mathias says:

    Check this dashboards too:

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  15. [...] Cup fever is here!In FIFA Worldcup Excel Spreadsheets Roundup, Chandoo has some links to useful World Cup tracking workbooks. Only one of them (the first one) [...]

  16. [...] World Cup fever is here!In FIFA Worldcup Excel Spreadsheets Roundup, Chandoo has some links to useful World Cup tracking workbooks. Only one of them (the first one) [...]

  17. Hey, you missed ours! It has everything you need and more, but not a whole pile of silly extras (National Anthems, etc).  I'll be making another one for the 2014 world cup.  We had over 4000 hits on it!

  18. Neil says:

    @Michael Harwood.

    Where is it then? You should have posted a link  

  19. phillip says:

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    Google translation: You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!

  20. [...] and welcome to the forum, Maybe these similar spreadsheets might give you a few initial ideas: FIFA Worldcup Excel Spreadsheets [Roundup] | Chandoo.org - Learn Microsoft Excel Online If you have specific areas / formulae / layout choices for parts of your spreadsheet that you are [...]

  21. Petros says:

    Calling all football fans around the globe! The biggest football festival will kick off on the 12th June 2014 and everyone is placing their bets of who will have the honour of lifting the golden trophy.

    Use our free interactive Excel templatel to predict the World cup finalists ! No macros !


  22. marten says:

    I also made a Worldcup-tracker, with MS Access, which can also generate reports in Excel
    e.g. a match-schedule with locations on y-axis and dates on x-axis, see:

  23. Vivek Ranjan says:

    where can i find raw data in excel file format of fifa world cups (1930-2014)

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