Excel Tips Submitted by You [Part 4]

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It is the 4th day of Your week @ PHD and we have already posted some excellent array formulas, productivity hacks and other very useful tips.

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Sticky Notes and Memorizing formula Syntax by Teyln

I have a Post-it note stuck near my monitor to help me remember the syntax of the INDEX-MATCH combo function. It says:


The caret ^ in the Index function is where the Match function goes.

Find How Much Experience an Employee Has by Rajinikanth

Formula to find the Employee Experience, if the date Format is text like(Wednesday, March 10, 2004) :

Suppose employee joining date is Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Todays date is : =today()

then the formula to find the Employees Experience in the company like(No.of years, Months, Days) :

=((TEXT(DATEDIF(D11,E11,”y”),”0″)&” ” &”Years”)&”,”&(TEXT(DATEDIF(D11,E11,”ym”),”0″)&” ” &”Months”)&”,”&(TEXT(DATEDIF(D11,E11,”md”),”0″)&” ” &”Days”))

PHD’s note: The formula =TEXT((NOW()-E11)&"",”yy ""years"" m ""months"" dd ""days""") also works and is probably much simpler. It is mentioned in the 100 excel tips post.

Macro reduces the blood pressure by Michael

Perhaps it’s an artifact of my profession, or perhaps it’s a bias I formed back in the Lotus days.but I have never been really comfortable with Microsoft’s apparent distrust of recursion.   True, non-convergent recursion can induce a migraine, but those “circular reference” alerts are almost as annoying.

So, for quite a while, I’ve had the following bit of VBA included in my Book.xlt/Book.xltm file:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    Application.Iteration = True
End Sub

Voila!  A pet peeve and annoyance resolved.

Thank you

Thanks to everyone for actively participating in the your week @ PHD. Donuts to Vishy, Rajinikanth, Barbara for sharing several tips. It has been very exciting and fun to learn new tricks from you. I hope you had as much fun learning.

Tomorrow we will have a open thread for all of you to chip in with more tips.

Also, Let me know if you want the your week to be a regular feature.


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