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Introducing the most advanced Excel class yet.

Friends & supporters of Chandoo.org. It gives me great pleasure to announce Excel School, my most advanced, powerful and complete Excel training program ever. In this course, you will get comprehensive, unparalleled coverage on how to be awesome in data analysis, dashboard reporting and day to day usage of Excel.

What is Excel School?

Excel School is structured and comprehensive online training program for learning Microsoft Excel. It is full of real world examples.

The aim of Excel School is to make beginners become productive and awesome in Excel. It has an optional module on Dashboards, which can teach you how to design awesome Excel Dashboards.

Why should you join Excel School?

These days, any managerial or analyst role requires that you work with data. Excel remains one of the most powerful and easy to use tools when it comes to crunching data. Learning Excel in a proper, structured way can not only help you save time, but it will also help you become better at your job and can give you time to focus on things and people that matter.

While we can argue that Excel can be learned by reading help, watching YouTube videos and visiting blogs like Chandoo.org, it also takes good amount of time if you use that method.

Today, there are over 1,000 articles, 350+ video tutorials and examples on Chandoo.org explaining almost every aspect of MS Excel. I am sure there are thousands of useful, free and fun articles, videos on learning Excel across Internet. It would take almost 6 months if you read one article a day to master some of the core concepts of Excel. Even then you may not know some important things.

That is why I designed Excel School Program. This is an advanced Excel class like no other. The 6+1 modules in Excel School cover entire spectrum of Excel work. Each module contains several videos and downloadable excel files for you to learn the concepts in detail. This is an intense, focused and clearly defined program to help you learn Excel in useful and fun way.

About Chandoo

Your teacher - Chandoo

My name is Chandoo and I am your teacher in Excel School program. I have been training people on Excel, Power BI, Power Pivot and analytics for over a decade. My teaching is practical and hands-on with several real world examples. I have taught more than 20,000 people to date (online and offline) and I would love to help you. I live in coastal city of Wellington in New Zealand with my beautiful wife and two kids.

Excel School students to date

8 reasons why

Chandoo.org students work in…

Chandoo.org students work in...

Modern Excel + You = Awesome

You will create Beautiful Powerful Insightful Useful Interactive spreadsheets

Few of the awesome things you will learn in Excel School

Topics covered in Excel School

Getting Started

Intro to Excel
Setting up tables
Cleaning bad data
Cleaning using Power Query
Writing formulas
Creating pivot tables
Making charts
Filtering & sorting

Data + Tables + PQ

Excel Tables
Filtering, slicing tables
Bad data to good with PQ
Unpivoting data with PQ
Merging multiple files to one table

Writing Formulas

Referencing data
IF condition, CHOOSE, IFS
Statistical analysis
Conditional sum, count
Advanced Lookups
Date formulas
Text analysis
Sentiment analysis
Exploratory data analysis

Making Pivot Tables

Creating pivot tables Data model + relationships Multiple table pivots Customizing pivots Extra calculations in Pivots Grouping data Slicing and dicing GETPIVOTDATA

NEW Adv. Pivot Table bonus

Charts + Graphs

Intro to Charting
Picking right charts
Anatomy of Excel chart
Formatting charts
New charts in Excel 2016
Budget vs. Actual charts
Then vs. Now charts
Conditional charts
Interactive charts

Advanced Concepts

Data validation
Creating templates
Workbook protection
Publishing to web
Shapes + pictures
Navigation buttons
Form controls
Custom ribbons

Optional module on Dashboards

What is a dashboard?
Process for dashboards
Business dashboard #1
Business dashboard #2
Business dashboard #3
Employee Dashboard
Financial metrics dashboard
KPI Dashboard
Web enabled dashboard

Excel Dashboard Training Course

Excel Dashboards

Dashboards from Excel School

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Excel School

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$ 147
  • 6 modules of Adv. Excel Lessons
  • 60 lesson videos
  • 40+ example workbooks
  • 2 years online access
  • Download HD quality videos
  • Formula cheat sheet
  • Shortcuts poster
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Excel School

online + download access
$ 247
  • 6 modules of Adv. Excel Lessons
  • Extra module on Dashboards
  • 70 lesson videos
  • 50+ example workbooks
  • 2 years online access
  • Download HD quality videos
  • Formula cheat sheet
  • Shortcuts poster
  • Slicers for Dashboards video
  • Awesome Sales Dashboard
  • $50 discount
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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Your sense of humor, kindness and enthusiasm for Excel are fantastic. The numerous shortcuts that you teach are invaluable.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Which version of Excel do I need?

In Excel School we are using Excel 2016 / 2019 / Office 365. While you can apply the concepts to older versions of Excel (Excel 2013, 2010 or 2007), to get the most out of it, use Excel 2019, 2016 or Office 365.

Can I use this on Mac Excel?

You may. Excel School is recorded on Excel 2016 / O365 for Windows. Most of the formulas, charts & techniques work equally well on Mac. I suggest borrowing a PC for practicing other ideas.

Is this a one-time payment?

Yes. Excel School is a one time payment program. There are no recurring charges.

Can I get team / group discount?

Yes. You get 25% discount when purchasing 3 or more memberships for Excel School programs.

If you want to enroll a large team (50 or more people), please email chandoo.d@gmail.com

Can I get a purchase receipt / invoice?

Yes you can. After your payment you will get it automatically.

If you need it in a specific format, please email chandoo.d@gmail.com with “invoice” in the subject. 

We can also invoice you before purchase so you can make a payment against it. Please email.

My question is not listed…

No problem. Just email me at chandoo.d@gmail.com so I can help you make a decision.

What is Power Query? What is Power Pivot?

Power Query:

Power Query is a data management interface for Excel (and Power BI). Using Power Query you can connect to any kind of data sources (SQL Databases, workbooks, online data sets, web pages etc.) and bring the data to Excel (or Power BI). Power Query also lets you manipulate data by adding columns, changing shape of the data or combining data sets. It is part of Excel functionality in 2016 or Office 365 versions. For older versions, you can download the free add-in from Microsoft website.

Power Pivot:

Power Pivot is a calculation engine for pivot tables in Excel (and Power BI). Using Power Pivot you can enhance your pivot tables and add extra calculations easily. Power Pivot is available by default in Excel 2016, Office 365 and Excel 2013. For other versions of Excel, you can download the free Power Pivot add-in from Microsoft Website

Thank you...

I am thankful to all the readers and supporters of Chandoo.org. Thank you for considering my Excel School program. I am excited to share this powerful course with you so that you can be awesome at what you do. Thank you. 🙏

PS: As of writing this, more than 1,200 students have already enrolled in Excel School 2.0. Don’t miss out the chance to learn and use powerful features of Excel.

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