Avoid Hiring Boo-boos with Excel – COUNTIFS for the win [video]

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Imagine you are head of human resources at Casual Contracting Co. Every month you hire a lot of temporary staff who spend 1-4 months with CCC before leaving. Sometimes you hire the same people again. Of late, you have noticed a strange process gap. You are paying same person two (or more) salaries.

This is because you are hiring a person for new temp role even before their current one ended. See below picture.


So how to avoid making such hiring boo-boos.

Simple, using Excel of course.

There are a few ways to handle this problem.

  • Using formulas to check if a person is hired twice in the same period
  • Using conditional formatting to highlight such hires
  • Using data validation to prevent such data entry

I made a video covering all these methods in detail. Check it out below or on Chandoo.org YouTube channel.

Download hiring boo-boos workbook

Click here to download the workbook showcased in the video. Play with various dates & names to test formulas, CF and data validation.

Avoid Excel Boo-boos, Show it who-da-boss

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