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Excel Links of the Week [Nov 3]

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The World’s First Music Video in Excel ACDC Rock n Roll Train

This is totally cool. ACDC released an ASCII version of their “rock n roll train” video through excel spreadsheet. Why? So that you can download it at your office and watch it while your boss thinks you are working. 😀 I think this is cool because it pushes the limits of what is possible with Excel. Go watch it (direct download link), and feel curious to check the VBA code behind the buttons. Learn something cool and rock on!

Passion, not charts – Steve Jobs at Whiteboard

Many times we fall in to the trap of tools that we forget what makes us unique – passion. See these amazing whiteboard presentations made by Steve Jobs in 1991. No slides or fancy charts and yet see how through passion, he tells a great story (well, sales pitch).

Part 1 Part 2

Spell check and Excel formulas

Spell check is one of the most useful features in any office productivity software. It ranks high up there with other FYCLW (features you cant live without) like undo, copy-paste, ctrl+t (for new tab), show desktop (windows key+d). Newton Excel Bach has developed a simple UDF to find if cell has valid spelling (by using application.checkSpelling () function) and strangely the UDF wont work, while a macro version of it works like a charm. See the user discussion that followed the post. If you ever need to automate spell check through formulas (don’t ask me why) this might be a good resource to check.

Handling Duplicates in Google Docs

Duplicates are such a problem problem with the data. Imagine having excel (or other tools where you can create, enter tabular data) being able to highlight the cell you are entering the moment you enter / paste a duplicate value in a totally non-intrusive way. But until then we need to handle the dupes using formulas (ahem!).

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