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Chandoo.org Podcast

Become Awesome in Data Analysis, Charting, Dashboards & VBA using Excel

An exciting way to learn Excel on the go

Chandoo.org Podcast - Become Awesome in Data Analysis, Charting, Dashboards & VBA using Excel

Welcome to Chandoo.org podcast, a new initiative to make you awesome in data analysis, charting, dashboards & VBA.

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Chandoo.org Podcast Episodes:

Chandoo.org Podcast Archive
Title Play Released
CP05: Interview with MrExcel – Bill Jelen (on his incredible work ethic) Play this December 7th, 2023
SQL vs. Power Query – The Ultimate Comparison Play this October 13th, 2023
CP03: The Ugly Truth About Power BI (actually, 4 of them) Play this August 24th, 2023
CP02: Six Tips to get a Six Figure ($100,000+) Data Job Play this July 27th, 2023
Top 5 Excel Skills you need to be a Successful Data Analyst in 2023 (podcast) Play this July 13th, 2023
CP056: So which formulas you should care to learn? Play this October 27th, 2016
CP055: “Yes, I am back” edition (and a bonus Excel tip) Play this October 13th, 2016
CP054: Top 10 Pivot Table Tricks for YOU Play this March 31st, 2016
CP053: Excel Data Validation for Dummies Play this March 10th, 2016
CP052: Book Review – M is for Data Monkey by Ken & Miguel Play this February 11th, 2016
CP051: VLOOKUP FAQs – Most frequently asked questions about VLOOKUP – Answered Play this January 7th, 2016
CP050: Fifty Excel Tips to make you awesome Play this December 3rd, 2015
CP049: Don’t do data dumps!!! Play this November 19th, 2015
CP048: How to create animated charts in Excel? Play this November 12th, 2015
CP047: Best Excel tools for Entrepreneurs Play this October 22nd, 2015
CP046: Gantt charts & project planning using Excel Play this October 8th, 2015
CP045: Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulations in Excel Play this September 24th, 2015
CP044: My first dashboard was a failure!!! Play this September 10th, 2015
CP043: My favorite time saving features of Excel, Revealed. Play this August 27th, 2015
CP042: Financial Analysis & Modeling concepts – 101 Play this August 13th, 2015
CP041: 6 charts you’ll see in hell – v2.0 Play this August 6th, 2015
CP040: Intro. to Power Query – What is it and how to get started – with Miguel Escobar Play this July 30th, 2015
CP039: May the FOR Loop be with you – Introduction to For Loops in Excel VBA Play this July 23rd, 2015
CP038: Data to Ink Ratio – What is it, How to optimize it, Techniques & Discussion Play this July 9th, 2015
CP037: Error error on the wall, How do I fix you all? – Understanding & Fixing Excel Errors Play this June 25th, 2015
CP036: How to do trend analysis using Excel? Play this June 11th, 2015
CP035: on Solver, its story and future – Interview with Dan Fylstra Play this May 21st, 2015
CP034: Advanced Excel Essentials book talk with Jordan Goldmeier Play this April 23rd, 2015
CP033: There is an Easter egg in this podcast!!! Play this April 9th, 2015
CP032: Rules for making legendary column charts Play this April 2nd, 2015
CP031: Invisibility Tricks – How to make things disappear in Excel? Play this March 5th, 2015
CP030: Detecting fraud in data using Excel – 5 techniques for you Play this February 19th, 2015
CP029: Impress your boss with Excel charts – 6 step road map for you Play this February 5th, 2015
CP028: How to tell business logic & rules to Excel? Play this January 22nd, 2015
CP027: 15 proven strategies to be awesome in 2015 Play this January 8th, 2015
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015 [Holiday Gift Inside] Play this December 23rd, 2014
CP026: All about Excel !@#$%^+/*(}][< Play this December 4th, 2014
CP025: Sexy on spreadsheet, Ugly on Printout Play this November 6th, 2014
CP024: Customize Excel to boost your productivity Play this October 30th, 2014
CP023: My experience with Hudhud Cyclone [personal story] Play this October 16th, 2014
CP022: What’s a Macro? Introduction to Excel VBA, Macros & Automation Play this October 9th, 2014
CP021: How to quickly compare 2 lists in Excel Play this October 2nd, 2014
CP020: Top 10 time saving strategies for business analysts Play this September 18th, 2014
CP019: 6 Tips for Best Practice Modeling – Interview with Danielle from Plum Solutions Play this September 4th, 2014
CP018: Dont be a Pivot Table Virgin! Play this August 21st, 2014
CP017: Top 10 non-Excel MS Office tips for you – Interview with Paul Woods – Office MVP & Blogger Play this August 14th, 2014
CP016: 3 Must have books for aspiring analysts Play this August 7th, 2014
CP015: Handling big data, Controlling model railroad sets, Overcoming Excel obsession & more – ASK CHANDOO Play this July 24th, 2014
CP014: How to create awesome dashboards – 10 step process for you Play this July 10th, 2014
CP013: Is this a FIFA worldcup of late goals, lets ask Excel [How to analyze data to answer questions like these…] Play this July 3rd, 2014
CP012: Top 10 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for you Play this June 26th, 2014
CP011: 5 Excel magic tricks to impress your boss Play this June 19th, 2014
CP010: Averages are Mean – 8 Techniques for making your analysis above average Play this May 30th, 2014
CP009: Averages are Mean – Know these things before you make any more AVERAGE()s Play this May 22nd, 2014
CP008: 6 Tips to handle workbooks made by someone else, #4 is something I struggle with too! Play this May 15th, 2014
CP007: aweSUM() – Overview of SUM functions in Excel Play this May 1st, 2014
CP006: How to be a better analyst? – Road map for getting better at Data Analysis & Improving your career prospects Play this April 24th, 2014
CP005: Introduction to Form Controls – an interview with Debra Dalgleish Play this April 17th, 2014
CP004: Can I Pie Chart in Public? Discussion about Pie charts, their merits and drawbacks, when to use & when to avoid them Play this April 3rd, 2014
CP003: Business Intelligence for Masses – Interview with Mike Alexander Play this March 27th, 2014
CP002: VTALKUP – 5 Excel lookup functions demystified + 4 Resources for you Play this March 13th, 2014
CP 001: Chandoo.org Podcast First Episode – Introduction, What to expect, Show formalities & Special gift Play this March 6th, 2014
Special Bonus for you
BONUS: Guide to Excel Ribbon Play this March 6th, 2014