CP035: on Solver, its story and future – Interview with Dan Fylstra

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In the 35th session of Chandoo.org podcast, Let’s hear from Dan Fylstra, the creator of Excel Solver. I had the fortune of meeting Dan when I was in Santa Clara last month. I immediately asked him to be part of Chandoo.org podcast and he was kind enough to agree. So today let’s take a trip down the memory line, hear him talk about some of the fascinating all the early development stories of Solver, VisiCalc & Excel.

CP035: Interview with Dan Fylstra on origin of Solver & its future - Chandoo.org podcast

What is in this session?

In this podcast,

  • Introduction
  • Early days of Solver
  • Working with VisiCalc, migration to Excel
  • What keeps Dan busy these days
  • Advice for anyone planning to learn Solver & business modelling

Listen to this session

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Links & Resources mentioned in this podcast

Dan’s website:

Transcript of this session:

Download this podcast transcript [PDF]

What is your solver story?

I have learned about optimization algorithms in 2000. It has been a love-hate relationship for first several years, but then as I started my own business, I now understand how relevant modelling & optimization skills are.

What about you? What is your favourite solver story? Please share it in the comments section.

Note: Dan’s image is copyright of computerhistory.org

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  1. Wayne says:

    the hyperlink for solver.com has one extra "t" in the source.
    should be http and not htttp

  2. Martin Nolan says:

    John W. Foreman's book, "Data Smart" has an excellent section on optimization that takes the reader through several, increasingly complex, example problems with Excel solver.

  3. Yoki says:

    Hi Chandoo, will you organize a dashboard contest this year ?

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  5. felipe says:

    thank you for information

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