CP013: Is this a FIFA worldcup of late goals, lets ask Excel [How to analyze data to answer questions like these…]

In the 13th session of Chandoo.org podcast, lets turn our attention to on-going FIFA worldcup and ask an important question.

CP013 - Has it been a late goal worldcup? How to analyze data to answer questions like these...


What is in this session?

Goal distribution (significant goals only) in FIFA worldcups - 2006, 2010 & 2014A week ago, we discussed “Has it been a late goal FIFA worldcup?” and used various charts & analysis techniques to answer the question. In podcast, lets tackle the same problem, understand various approaches to answer questions like these & shares some lessons for all the analysts.

In this podcast, you will learn,

  • A familiar problem in many situations (including sports)
  • First rule of analysis – Define context
  • Various attempts to understand goal timing data of FIFA worldcups
  • Lessons for analysts
  • Bonus tip: Friday the 13th calculations using Excel

Go ahead and listen to the show


Links & Resources mentioned in this session:

About data analysis & charting:

Friday the 13th:


Transcript of this session:

Download this podcast transcript [PDF].

What kind of questions do you face in business analysis? How do you try to answer them?

While our example is on football, the same kind of questions are asked everywhere. Many businesses, non-profits, institutions & individuals ask these questions every day and struggle to find right answers.

So what about you? What kind of interesting questions do you face in business analysis? And how do you answer them? Please share your experiences in comments area.

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4 Responses to “CP013: Is this a FIFA worldcup of late goals, lets ask Excel [How to analyze data to answer questions like these…]”

  1. Krishna Teja says:

    The closest podcast for me. Love football and excel. A rare combination. And I support Germany by the way.

  2. Somendra Misra says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    I support Brazil & Germany. See the file I created inspired by GOOOOOOOAL – Goal timing analysis by Economist at http://chandoo.org/forum/threads/goal-of-world-cup.17637/


  3. Somendra Misra says:

    Thanks Krishna.

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