CP017: Top 10 non-Excel MS Office tips for you – Interview with Paul Woods – Office MVP & Blogger

In the 17th session of Chandoo.org podcast, lets leave Excel aside and talk about other MS Office apps.

Thats right. We will be learning 10 tips on how to use Word, Power Point, Outlook etc. Ready?

CP017: Top 10 non-Excel MS Office tips for you - an interview with Paul Woods - Office 365 MVP

What is in this session?

A while ago, I got an email from Paul Woods. Paul is an Office 365 MVP, fellow blogger, father of twins and intrepreneur.  Since we have several coincidences in our lives (both of us are MVPs since 2009, dads to twins, bloggers & started businesses), I wanted to know more about him. I invited him to a podcast interview so that he can tell us his story and teach us how to use MS Office better.

In this podcast, you will learn,

  • About Paul
  • Ten tips for MS Office
  • 1. Use Excel to communicate instead of just calculations
  • 2. Paste Special
  • 3. Double click trick!
  • 4. Inserting screenshots
  • 5. Turning off notifications
  • 6. Reply with a meeting
  • Bonus tip: Type plain English notation of dates in meeting requests
  • 7. Outline view in Word
  • 8. Styles
  • 9. Presenting slides online
  • 10. Use One Note
  • Conclusions

Go ahead and listen to the show


Links & Resources mentioned in this session:

Paul Woods websites

Many thanks to Paul Woods for sharing beautiful tips with all of us in this podcast. Please visit his websites to know more about his work & life.

Follow up tricks


Transcript of this session:

Download this podcast transcript [PDF].

What are your favorite non-Excel office tips?

I like the tips about outline view & presenting online from this podcast. Apart from these 10, I also like alignment tools, slide transitions in Power Point, mail merge in Word.

What about you? What are your favorite non-Excel Office tips? Please share using comments.

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11 Responses to “CP017: Top 10 non-Excel MS Office tips for you – Interview with Paul Woods – Office MVP & Blogger”

  1. […] had the pleasure this week of being a guest on one of the most popular Microsoft Office podcasts in the world – Chandoo.org’s Excel […]

  2. samtheman says:

    Thank you Chandoo and Paul for such a good podcast. From this podcast, you will know how many things you can do in office applications besides excel. I really liked the ability to broadcast PowerPoint presentation on web browser, setting meeting while replying, etc.

  3. peeyoosh says:

    nice post

  4. Huy Pham says:

    Hey Chandoo,

    I usually read transcipts of the podcasts when I'm at work. In the future, could you perhaps add paragraphs instead of one block of text for each person talking? Makes it easier to read.

    Was a pleasure to learn about Paul too!

    Many thanks to Chandoo and Paul

  5. quop says:

    Just want to say thanks for the awesome resource Chandoo, and that I appreciate the podcast transcripts too, as I can't access the audio when behind a corporate firewall, and in any case can read the content faster than listening 🙂

    I also felt just a little bit of local pride in learning that Paul Woods lives in the same city as me - hello Brisbane!

  6. Ryan says:

    Thank you very much for this podcast! Just read through all 20 pages of it over lunch.

    Double-click Format Painter, inserting screenshots and powerpoint presentation blew my mind. Learned 3 things today that I can start applying to my day immediately.

  7. Paul Woods says:

    Hi Ryan, quop, Huy and peeyosh - thank you so much for the great feedback. Glad to hear that you all enjoyed it and learned something at the same time!

    Paul W

  8. Dan says:

    Great podcast,

    My favourite MS Office tip is the quick access toolbar.
    I'm a keyboard shortcut junky and the quick access toolbar allows you to set up a keyboard shortcut for anything you like using 'alt'.

    for instance 'alt+1' is format paint for me in all office programs so i don't have to keep going back to it and it's always close to hand.

    definitely worth playing with if you like using your keyboard more than your mouse.

  9. Charmagne says:

    Hi Chandoo & Paul,

    Great Podcast, really helpfull tips. Loved the Format Painter double click tip, I used to always struggle with this and used to manually try to copy the format and you just sorted that with a click 🙂

    Thank you guys...really great work both of you.


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