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CP 001: Chandoo.org Podcast First Episode – Introduction, What to expect, Show formalities & Special gift



Chandoo.org Podcast - Session 001 - Introduction, What to expect, Show formalities & a special gift for you


Chandoo.org Podcast is here….

Friends, fans & supporters of Chandoo.org,

I am so happy to add another dimension to our website. Chandoo.org podcast is finally here. You can listen to the inaugural episode by using the audio player above.

How do I subscribe to this podcast?

There are 5 ways to subscribe to this podcast.

  1. Subscribe on iTunes: The most popular and easiest way to get our podcast. Click here and subscribe to it on iTunes.
  2. Subscribe thru Stictcher, Blackberry or Zune Podcasting directories: The process of adding our podcast to these listings is underway. I will share links once we are ready.
  3. Subscribe to our Podcast RSS This is ready. Just click on the Podcast RSS link and add it to your feed reader. You get new podcast episodes right to your computer / tablet.
  4. Subscribe to Chandoo.org newsletter This is better. You get not just podcast sessions, but regular Excel tips, templates and tutorials too.
  5. Just visit Chandoo.org regularly. Whenever we have a new podcast, you can just listen to it right here. Book mark our podcast page too.

What is in this session?

Since this is the very first episode of our show, I focused on these aspects,

  • Introducing myself, my family & Chandoo.org to you
  • Setting expectations for this podcast
  • Format of the show & resources you will get
  • Important links and pages
  • A special gift to you for tuning in.

So go ahead and listen the show.

Right click here to download the MP3 file to your computer.

Links & resources mentioned in this session:

Special free gift to our listeners

  • You must listen to the podcast to get this link.

Chandoo.org on Social Media:

Podcasts I listen to:

Ask your questions:

Click here to post your questions and I will answer them in a future episode of our podcast. That simple.

About Chandoo & Chandoo.org:

If you enjoy the podcast…,

Please do these 2 things. It means a lot me & our community.

  1. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes
  2. Please leave an honest review on iTunes by clicking here.. It will help us the show & its rankings immensely. Thank you so much.



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31 Responses to “CP 001: Chandoo.org Podcast First Episode – Introduction, What to expect, Show formalities & Special gift”

  1. Abhishek says:

    Thanks Chandoo for this Awesome website and making us Awesome in Excel tooo.

  2. Vijay Kumar says:

    Dear Chandoo...
    I am glad to hear your first episode. But i face one problem. I can't able to download your mp3 file becoz of my office web restriction. I can able to download your excel file from your site, but media file can't.
    So i request (if possible) can you please put this files on the location in which your excel files was saved.

    • Chandoo says:

      Hi Vijay... Due to the size and nature of this file, I cannot put it on our site. Can you hear the audio? If not, I suggest you wait until the podcast is listed on itunes and other directories, then you can subscribe to it thru those channels.

      • Vijay Kumar says:

        Thank you chandoo for your support. i can't able to hear the audio also. As per your suggestion, i will wait for the podcast to be listed on itunes and other directories.

        Thanks again

  3. Pulkit Trivedi says:

    Thanks Chandoo ji, i am till date confuse what is "Podcast" ?? but now my doubts is clear & i am eagerly waiting to subscribe Chandoo.org podcast...

    And heartily wishing you All the Best & congratulation to start podcast...

  4. Al says:

    Yes I enjoy your podcast and your YOUTUBES

  5. Wookiee says:

    Congratulations on kicking off your podcast! I've never really gotten into listening to podcasts, but this might be enough to get me to break that habit. My only problem is that I don't use iTunes, nor do I subscribe to any RSS feeds; will you continue to provide links to the podcasts here on Chandoo.org?


  6. Mike Burton says:

    Hi Chandoo....really enjoyed your first podcast. Looking forward to more.

  7. sdie says:

    amazing - thx you for your work. please keep on!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for creating another way to help people be awesome. I enjoyed the first episode and bonus episode. Looking forward to finding you on Stitcher. Congratulations.

  9. Kiev says:

    Really happy to see the podcast launch, please keep on your great work & that help us so much. thank you.

  10. Sudhindra says:

    Listened to your first podcast and it made for a nice engaging listen. Look forward to an interesting ride. Thanks for taking the time to record it and sharing your perspective on things about Excel and everything else.

  11. David says:

    Congrats on your podcast launch. I'm looking forward to learning a lot from this added dimension to your website. I listen to podcasts every day while commuting and it is a good use of the time to absorb content.

  12. Debraj says:

    Congratulation.. for another benchmark.. milestone..
    Keep making us awesome

  13. Fabrice says:

    Gooooooooood morning Chandooooo !
    I love the picture.... LOL
    Take care

  14. viswanath says:

    All the best. Heard ur first podcast. very interesting and a lot of informations. feeling great to listening again n again.

  15. Jack says:

    Great stuff! Thanks for yet another avenue to learn how to better use Excel. Keep up the good work.

  16. jraju says:

    Hi, i could not get the link, though i listened your podcast, by downloading mp3 and also through the player at chandoo.org. How to get the link of gift to be activated.

    • jraju says:

      Should i wait for some more time or is it something wrong with my computer not to get the link for the excel as pod cast gift

  17. Carol says:

    Congratulations - I use many of your tips and am looking forward to your podcasts. I also direct other people to your website and some have signed up. Keep going, we appreciate it and I enjoy your style! P.S. Thanks also to Jo for encouraging you.

  18. Nimit Gupta says:


  19. Arvind says:

    Thanks and All the best

  20. Wolf T says:

    Hi there! Can't wait to listen to this.

    If you have the chance, you might also consider adding your podcast to Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/content-faq

    It's a really popular app/platform for listening to podcasts. Thanks!

  21. jraju says:

    I listened to your podcast Ist episode, but still waiting to get the link to the excel tips audio , as podcast gift. Please tell the link from where i could get that link?
    The podcast is crystal clear , no audio interupptions and neat.The usual formalities on how it goes to serve is commendable. My only concern is that it should reach the persons using the java mobile, as of late, only programs support android devices.
    I hate to use the android as it is compromised to attacks and stealing of information, Java also some draw backs, but it is safe in case of attacks.
    Please kindly arrange to enable java mobile users to access your all podcast.

  22. Ritesh shetty says:

    Dear Sir ,

    Thanks for launching the PODCAST its really help us to learn more & soon i will join the chandoo online school. Congrats to you &your team for great success of Chandoo.org site.

  23. Malvinder Virdi says:

    Hello Chandoo,

    I have not left many comments on your site, but a very very regular visitor.

    Podcast was just awesome.... Thanks looking forward for it.

  24. jraju says:

    I expect podcast to focus on excel tips on formulas, which will be very useful to the excel mass, rather than macros.
    Today, i have seen your formula on time stamp to mark if the adjacent column gets any data. It is marvellous piece of advice, for those who know formula, (not vb) to use it to their advantage. Every updated entry is having time stamp, to easily know, which cells have been updated and at which time. This could also be achieved using macros, also, but simple formula would be easy to follow.

  25. Yogesh says:

    i want to say one thing only "its awesome"

  26. jdogzilla says:

    Enjoying it so far ... keep up the awesomeness!

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