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Making Location & Capacity Decisions

Published on Oct 25, 2004 in Random

A Case Analysis on Making Location & Capacity Decisions For Sleeping Prepared by: Purna Chandra Rao D PGP 1 In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course SMSR – II (Satisfying Minimal Sleep Requirements) Indian Institute of Management, Indore Introduction: This analysis primarily focuses on how to make decision with regards to location and […]

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Long time, no see

Published on Oct 21, 2004 in Random

Well, I agree that i havent posted a word for the last what …. days. Here goes a list of items i have done/doing in the last 16 days (not necessarily in the same order). Hope to blog more often 😛 – Seen ‘Hyderabad blues’ – Had 12 days of non-stop classes – had fin-1 […]

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Of Lines and the troubles associated with them…

Published on Aug 27, 2004 in Random

The next few deadlines are… – 28/8 mwc case presentation – 30/8 mwc case report – 30/8 bto case group presentation (possiblility of cold call) – 1/9 hbw report – 5/9 cutie assignment The only lifeline i can think of is… – 16/9 term1 vacation begins :))

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I want a day like this everyday !!!

Published on Aug 26, 2004 in Random

Today (or is it yesterday?) was very good. The day kicked off with Block A Gyaan session at 12:30 am by Prasoon making a presentation on Forex. Some 40 odd highly motivated pgp1s attended the presentation. This is the first of the several presentations that are going to be made by armageddons so that our […]

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Fasting, ‘Present’ations and Future Tensions

Published on Aug 17, 2004 in Random

I have completed my MOC presentation yesterday. It was on Local Language Advertising. Slightly overshot the time but over all it was a good presentation. Feedback proved to be fruitful; too. Learned about flaws in my presentations style. Now i have to make sure that they wont repeat in my next presentation. Talking about presentations, […]

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Mad Termination

Published on Aug 16, 2004 in Random

Yes, I know that I was late. I know that I am lazy. But I could not help the mad pace at which things were happening here. If someone doesnot have proper time management skills, he is literally screwed up. Thank god, I was able to do the right thing at right time and now […]

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Sexy Atmo

Published on Jul 16, 2004 in Random

Don’t be confused by what I have written in the title. All I am saying is about the atmosphere here. Not anything else. It started raining here. The hilltop penitentiary is getting all the more attractive these days. With all the breeze and drizzle one would kill to stayback in the room than toiling oneself in […]

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Learnings all the way

Published on Jul 8, 2004 in Random

Today i had a wierd experience. and learning one of the most important lessons from it. it is ‘Never sleep if you have work to complete for the next day.’ We had one of those hectic days yesterday. something like, 3 cases to read, one group case presentation, roughly some 70-80 pages of reading from […]

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Jet, set and go

Published on Jul 4, 2004 in Random

Its all set to start from tomorrow. Officially our classes start from tomorrow 9:30 am ( for section a it is 9 am ). We have Microeconomics for Managers, Human Behaviour at Work and Quantitative Techniques 1 for tomorrows sessions. The session usually lasts for 70 mins. After each session we will get a 15 […]

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more cases and saturday night party

Published on Jul 4, 2004 in Random

Saturday was not that hectic comparared to what we had on the other 2 days. in the morning i had the class from 9-11 and we discussed the case in groups. Eventhough we dint had a chance to present the case, it was a nice experience to participate in the discussion. Later we had some […]

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sleep depravation and power point ragging

Published on Jul 2, 2004 in Random

yet another day… same torture. After some three and half hours of bodily rest i woke up at 8 am. Had my shave, bath and breakfast and rushed to audi. We had our Inauguaration till 11 am. After some 30 mins of tea break, we were given a presentation on Key Leadership Learnings. After the […]

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Added Later…

Published on Jul 1, 2004 in Random

the ‘as of now’ clause in the previous post proved to be correct. We have one more notification at the mess at about 5 pm that we have to sell ourselves through PPTs to seniors starting from 11. All the PGP1 participants HAVE TO ATTEND that. The dresscode for that is funny. 25% of the […]

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