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the ‘as of now’ clause in the previous post proved to be correct. We have one more notification at the mess at about 5 pm that we have to sell ourselves through PPTs to seniors starting from 11. All the PGP1 participants HAVE TO ATTEND that. The dresscode for that is funny.

25% of the batch should wear shorts

25% – pajama kurta

25% – formals

25% – casuals

so to decide who is gonna wear what, we had another meeting at basketball court at 5:30 types. it was choatic, but finally we agreed upon some order.

The meetings with SWAC and placom were cool. The Presentations were awesome and really enjoyable. some excerpts…

one guy was asked to say this after each line of his speech .. ‘taaliya girgaya’

while one guy is giving the presentation the other one has to do the hand guestures and all, for this the other guy has to hug the first guy… :D:D

one guy was asked to give the other participants presentation. and it turned out that the other participant was a girl. We had loads of fun. :D:D

Its almost 2:30 am now. We have our inauguaration and introduction to case method and all that tomorrow. Seniors said it starts at 10 am and will last till 5 pm in the evening. And we might have some meetings and cases to do tomorrow.

hold a sec… i got a notice just now.

we were asked to assemble in mess hall at 3 am. They are not even gonna let us sleep… :((

chalo gotta go now…


added at 4:30 came back and now going to sleep.. Yawn :D:D


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