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Urgently Needed

Published on Mar 12, 2005 in Random

A HaircutSleepBourbon Biscuit PacketA+ in OA presentationSomeone who can do my QT project Any bidders?

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Published on Mar 9, 2005 in Random

Post Without Any Heading Actually I dont know what to write. Not that several things are going through my mind. May be I just wanted to take a break from the otherwise hectic day. Just to give you a peek at things here we have,– 3 quizzes tomorrow– 1 case submission and a possible coldcall […]

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Leader or Manager? What is my calling?

Published on Mar 8, 2005 in Random

Today we had a session on “Leaders and Managers” in OA. We had 4 wonderful Readings on leadership and management. (read some of them: Narcissistic Leaders, Managers and Leaders – Are they Different?). The readings are thought provoking. After living 24 years and going through so many textbooks and people I still cant define what […]

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My First Night (out) @ I

Published on Feb 3, 2005 in Random

Come to think of it. I have been in this place for the last 7 months. Gone through hazaar quizzes, made umpteen presentations, wrote unimaginably lengthy reports and snored like anything in the class. But alas!, I have never put up a night out (out and out nightout means you get not even a wink […]

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My appointment with Dr. Lecter

Published on Jan 31, 2005 in Random

Tomorrow is a global day. We have 3 classes starting with Strategic Planning and ending with a double whammy in the form of 2 HR classes. That means you can something like “That will have longterm strategic impact on the firm and place it in a competitively disadvantageous position vis-a-vis competitors and demotivate employees from […]

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Latest @ PHD

Published on Jan 21, 2005 in Random

well… I have been luring my visitors about the happenings here. let me acutally put them down. like a condom advertisement which exaggerates the excitement to exorbitant levels,you might find this a dud of a post. lets try. Man!-I-Fuss-TooWell, come january its election time at I. yours truly contested for Secretary, Media & public relations […]

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Published on Dec 24, 2004 in Random

I could not blog as i promised. but cant help it. I am damn busy with preps and otherstuff. just to give you a glimpse of situation we have 2 endterm exams tomorrow and I had to make a presentation in the class. Now we have 2 quizzes starting from 3pm. and of all the […]

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no time to blog :(

Published on Dec 22, 2004 in Random

Last 2 days of have been slightly hectic with one presentation and the impending endterms. Yeah, i know that i am talking too much about these end terms. But that is what you feel at times. anyways i am not complaining 😀 there are some chaos about PG.com leaking the CAT results (height of illogical […]

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See the learning

Published on Dec 19, 2004 in Random

Note: This post assumes minimum knowledge of cost accounting terminology. Also anything that has ‘account’ in it written by an engineer would be highly sarcastic. You are warned! Scene 1 (Location: our very own parliament house, Time: just after a loksabha winter session)Speaker: (Sigh!) another round of mindless damage to this house. Last year during […]

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derivated humor

Published on Dec 17, 2004 in Random

been to mess to have some maggi and cha just now. Tomorrrow we have a presentation of derivative instruments (options and futures). Most of us(?) are working on it. When i met ashwin infront of mess he told me this hilarious line. “Fuck the future. You dont have options“ b2b.

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Syndicating a day of my life!

Published on Dec 14, 2004 in Random

<start what=”a brand new day”> ···<curse what=”scheduled task”> ···<check what=”time”> ···<sleep again> ···<check finally what=”time”> ···</sleep> ···<rush to=”brush”> ···<check what=”timetable”> ···<pack what=”bag”> ···<consume what=”snack”> ···<gulp what=”coffee”> ···<rush to=”class”> ······<mark what=”attendence”> ······<sleep sometime> ······<do what=”CP”> ······<do what=”mock the other class participating class participants”> ······<take what=”tea break”> ······<repeat what=”above 4 steps” times=”2″> ···</rush> ···<rush to=”mess”> ······<consume what=”lunch”> […]

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I stink, therefore I exist

Published on Dec 2, 2004 in Random

Thanks largely to the marketing presentation due today and the impending winter. I was working till 5:30 on the case and ppt. Weather here is slowly becoming nasty and last night wasnt any better. When i crashed in the odd hour my room is damn cold. The sack felt like a sponge soaked in chilled […]

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grades, links, threads and deadlines

Published on Nov 30, 2004 in Random

grades Midterm grades have started coming. Out of the 5 mids we had already 3 results have been announced. First was the BTO with a B+. overall, this term i finished the course with a B grade. Then came the FIN result. I got 60 out of 100. Since the prof. hasnt completed the evaluation […]

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moc(k) shocks and research rags

Published on Nov 18, 2004 in Random

MOC Shocks Whoever said managers do nothing but presentations can move ahead and prove that i am going to become a worst manager. well, atlease my grades in managerial oral communication says so. i got a measly 2.2 out of 4.33 and recieved a ‘C’ grade. Baaah !!! MOC was one of few soft courses […]

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Amazing reality of marketing surveys

Published on Nov 14, 2004 in Random

Today we had Marketing Research (MR) as discussion topic in marketing class. After a couple of presentations and Q&A sessions the prof raised the question (in fact he did raise more than one question.) “When is the appropriate time to do MR?”despite the fact that this question was raised at 1:15 pm when half the […]

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