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Fasting, ‘Present’ations and Future Tensions

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I have completed my MOC presentation yesterday. It was on Local Language Advertising. Slightly overshot the time but over all it was a good presentation. Feedback proved to be fruitful; too. Learned about flaws in my presentations style. Now i have to make sure that they wont repeat in my next presentation.

Talking about presentations, i have so far sat through some 50 non-academic presentations in the class. It seems like an impossible that i will be bored by ppts in future. Some of the wackiest and crazy topics of the MOC presentations were like,

– Child Sexual Abuse

– Eunuchs

– Time Machine

– Advaita Vedanta

– TS 12$^$$ (some quality standard)

– Infant Feeding

Coming to the ‘Fasting’ part of the presentation, since i am having a choice of having breakfast and attending the first session, i am regularly choosing the latter one to escape the wrath of assignments and bad grades. Speaking about choice brings me to the subject of ‘choices we face at b skool’. As they say in economics, eco is all about choice. some of the popular choices faced by myself and my friends over here are,

– taking bath and having breakfast

– taking breakfast and attending first session in time – sleeping in the afternoon and playing computer games

– preparing for the next days class and globing in the class (not that those who prepare doesn’t globe :P)

– Reading news paper and sleeping some more time etc.

Moving to the future tensions part, well, 19th seems to be the favorable deadline for several things at iim-i. We have CT 20% weightaged assignment, 2 cases in MAC coming up for discussion on 19th. All these are group activities, which essentially means we have to multiply the efforts needed by 1.5 (we spend 1 hour of gossip for every 2 hours of discussion). Apart from that there is this regular class reading and a threat of some quiz in the afternoon.

That is all folks.

Oh yeah before i click that button let me tell you about the blood donation camp organized by iim-i. Some 70 people have donated it including yours truly.

See you again bloggie 🙂


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One Response to “Fasting, ‘Present’ations and Future Tensions”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Chandoo, Jam here
    Looks like this is one way where we can communicate regularly in spite of being at the same latitude and longitude in the world !!!

    As regards ur choices, here are my preferences, bath, breakfast, class, sleep, newspaper, not necessarily in that order. Ideally i d like to do all of them, but then considering time constraints, i do some of them in some days and the others on other days.


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