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I want a day like this everyday !!!

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Today (or is it yesterday?) was very good. The day kicked off with Block A Gyaan session at 12:30 am by Prasoon making a presentation on Forex. Some 40 odd highly motivated pgp1s attended the presentation. This is the first of the several presentations that are going to be made by armageddons so that our summer interviews are painless. The presentation was really helpful as prasoon cleared up several misconceptions about forex and related issues.

After some reading I hit the sack at around 3:30. Due to the change in atmo on the hill, I was suffering from a certain mild headache and cold. This has forced me to leave HBW reading. Poor me, I didn’t know that there would be quiz in the class.

After some fight, finally managed to wake up at 8:40 and rushed to class by 9. As I said earlier, I was least prepared for the possible quizzes today. But since they are surprise quizzes, they hit you when you are least expecting them. The prof. announced a quiz as soon as he entered the class. It was a descriptive one and I have not read a single line of the chapter from which the questions came. Thanks largely to global-ization. I filled up a side of the a4. Hope he doesn’t write too global as a remark while evaluating the paper.

Second class was BTO, another HR course. The class was class-apart. Prof. gave some really good insights in to the selection of strategy and structure of organizations. I totally forgot about my hungry stomach in that session. As a tail piece he conducted a quiz which I messed up thoroughly since it is a HR course.

Then came the eco class. Man, you should be in the class to believe the beauty of the session. It was fundu. The topic was game theory and pricing strategy selection in oligopoly. Hunger for a while seemed like a non-existent entity.

The best part of the day was the food. By a stroke of luck the mess contractor was changed and now we have a Gujarati contractor serving us some really tasty dishes.

The bestest part of the day came in the form of a nap. Well, it totally rejuvenated me to take on the rest of the day. As we have a case presentation to make tomorrow, I spent 2 hours reading and analysing the case. The group meeting started at 6:30 and lasted till 9pm.

Then came another good news. PGP1s are getting bags as gifts from PGP2. Thanks for their concern. For, carrying all those spirals and textbooks all the way uphill with barehands is not an easy task and the bag would come handy. 😀

The food again proved to be great. Infact it was better than what it had been in the afternoon.

After some reading and computer games here I am typing the blog about the day. Hope this continues …

Current Y! Status says: If a person suffered from amnesia and then was cured would he remember that he forgot?


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