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Sexy Atmo

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Don’t be confused by what I have written in the title. All I am saying is about the atmosphere here. Not anything else. It started raining here. The hilltop penitentiary is getting all the more attractive these days. With all the breeze and drizzle one would kill to stayback in the room than toiling oneself in the class.

All said about the atmo, the sad thing is I am not able to enjoy it. We had a guest lecture by Singhania V K on Tax Planning in the afternoon. It lasted for an hour. Before that, I was thoroughly baked in the HBW (for uninitiated, it is called as Human Behaviour at Worst) class. We had a surprise quiz or rather yet another surprise quiz. These days the quizzes are not making any difference. When I took my first quiz, I worried a lot for I could not perform up to the mark in that. But after 5 quizzes, I am more or less convinced about the fact that, ‘Kya farakh padtha hi yaar, saala roj quiz hota hai’ 😀

Some what relief from these classes is that, finally the computing tools classes have started. Aah, atlast there is one course in which I know what I am farting about. :P, seriously, the course is all about MS Office and HTML. Our individual project will be to develop a web page for ourselves. What a joy !!!!

Going back in the time line,  there have been more classes, more submissions, more cases, more fun in the last 3 days since I blogged. Finally my body clock is adjusted to the new timings in the central India. Even if there is no work to do, I am usually sleeping at 2 am or after that only. Just in case if there is some work like a submission then I am working till 3-4 am types. And yes, I am now a part of IIM Indore lan too. Earlier, even though I got internet connection I am not a part of the domain, which means, I couldn’t access the potential resources available on the line. Rightnow, I am fully utilizing those(?) resources.

Coming back to where we have started it all, today we have ‘Gayab’ screening for iim-I participants at the velocity multiplex in the city. I am not going to it as I have other things to do. Not many of the pgp1s are going either… 🙁

Now that we have discussed the past and present lets look beyond the tempting Sunday. The midterms are faast approaching. Also, my Managerial Oral Comm Individual presentation deadline is reaching. Plus, since I have signed up for Iris-2004 Online team, that work is also waiting.  to summarize, miles to before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep.




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2 Responses to “Sexy Atmo”

  1. Govar says:

    Chandoo kanna, you missed the 'we all slept in the gues lecture' part. Note: The previous 'we' doesnt include ou. 😛

  2. Chandoo says:

    yeah.. srick was snoring in that 🙂

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