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sleep depravation and power point ragging

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yet another day…

same torture.

After some three and half hours of bodily rest i woke up at 8 am. Had my shave, bath and breakfast and rushed to audi. We had our Inauguaration till 11 am. After some 30 mins of tea break, we were given a presentation on Key Leadership Learnings.

After the lunch, we had our introdutory class to case method from 3 to 5 pm. We were then given 2 cases and asked to make one group and 2 individual presentations on that.

Later in the day I had my group meeting for the case in my room. Then there was a meeting with placement comittee at 10:00 pm. We had our ‘Sell yourself ppt’ session continued after 11:30. Fianlly I got the much needed break to prepare for the case now. And its already 4 am 🙁


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