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Learnings all the way

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Today i had a wierd experience. and learning one of the most important lessons from it. it is ‘Never sleep if you have work to complete for the next day.’

We had one of those hectic days yesterday. something like, 3 cases to read, one group case presentation, roughly some 70-80 pages of reading from materials/textbooks and one individual WAC report apart from some other meetings and stuff like that. I have completed all other parts except the WAC assignment. While reading the case for it, i felt like tired and wanted to take a quick 10 minute break. I slept on the bed right next to my comp. That is all. I have not even closed the door. In the morning Venkat woke me up at 6:47 for yaoga class. I was like ‘What the hell’ when i started my day. Finally rushed through my Yoga class. Immediately after that completed that case and somehow managed to churn out the six pages of required analysis. By that it was 9:16 am. My classes begin by 9:30 and i was stinking like a rotten egg and still in my pajamas. Quickly changed into a jeans and shirt and rushed to B block to get the printout of my report. After some door banging and ‘what the f***’ from seniors i woke up, it became pretty clear that i cannot get the printout at that hour. Every one is left for classes and those who are left are having probs with their comps.

Finally went to class without the printout. First one was Human Behavior at Work. I was not at all paying heed to the case or discussion going on. My mind was occupied with the WAC thing. After some fight, the class ended. I went to the prof. concerned and told him about my problem. I was expecting a late submission grade demotion. But he said that i can mail him after the classes and submit the hard copy before 3. I was mighty relieved. But after all the tension and struggle, the lession became pretty clear.

Comapred to what it was like yesterday today was a breeze. Not much of work to do. Feeling happy that i learnt my lession so early. Need to remember this. 🙂


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2 Responses to “Learnings all the way”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, an important lesson learnt early. Thats what life at an IIM is all abt. You will get used to sleepless nights soon enough. Best of luck anyway.


  2. Chandoo says:

    Thanks man...
    slowly getting into the groove.


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