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Long time, no see

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Well, I agree that i havent posted a word for the last what …. days. Here goes a list of items i have done/doing in the last 16 days (not necessarily in the same order). Hope to blog more often 😛

– Seen ‘Hyderabad blues’

– Had 12 days of non-stop classes

– had fin-1 quiz

– seen ‘Toy Story’

– designing cartoons for IRIS

– became a participant co-ordinator in IRIS for 3 skools (IIM L, NMIMS and MICA)

– designed some crappy animation for IRIS

– submitted the case analysis for entrepid

– gave a presentation on Gramophone India in marketing class (well, i was just standing there, our group did it :P)

– found myself interested in marketing

– watched ‘the terminal’

– had been to dandiya party

– tasted three sips of Vodka. 😀

– had my b’day celebrated on 20th.

– got first ever b’day bumps on my virgin a$$.

– took a major shower after the exuberant junta poured tea/ lassi/ pepsi/ sprite/ eggs/ water into my hair

– seen ‘ice age’

– wrote big time global in first 2 marketing quizzes

– got my grades (5 of them) for the term1. B in HBW, QT, MAC, CT and C in BTO

– got my first quiz of BTO II results. Not bad after all.

– havent washed my clothes in last 2 weeks

– had been to city with IN-FORM the media team of IRIS on dinner

– participated in one round of i-rising.

– found that FIN is not worth investing my working capital 😀

– seen ‘the great escape’

That is all for now.

Current Y! status says: http://iimi-iris.com/about/index.html?a=nostralgia.html


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  1. Govar says:

    Good to see u back into blogging! 🙂

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