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CP028: How to tell business logic & rules to Excel?

Published on Jan 22, 2015 in Chandoo.org Podcast Sessions, Random
CP028: How to tell business logic & rules to Excel?

In the 28th session of Chandoo.org podcast, let’s figure out how to express business rules & logic to Excel.

What is in this session?

What good are spreadsheets if they can’t solve business problems?

But we all struggle when it comes to modeling real world business conditions in Excel. For example, if you have below business rule to decide how much discount to offer a customer,

  • If the customer bought 3 or more times previously and offer 15% discount
  • If the customer bought 1 or 2 times previously AND customer’s age is >40, offer 10% discount
  • If the customer visited our New York store between 6PM-9PM offer 5% discount
  • Else no discount

How would you go about modeling these in Excel?

That is our topic for this podcast session.

In this podcast, you will learn

  • The challenge of modeling business logic & rules in Excel
  • My struggles with such formulas in early days
  • 4 features of Excel that can help you with this.
  • Example business rules & how to write formulas
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People & websites that helped me in 2014 [thank you message]

Published on Dec 29, 2014 in personal, Random

2014 has been the most awesome year since starting Chandoo.org

Thank you so much for making it happen. This year, more than 10 million people visited our site, learned something and took first step to become awesome in their work. Each & every day of 2014 felt invigorating, exciting & blessed. I could meet 100s of you face to face during my travels to Houston & Dallas in September this year.

A big thanks to you, my reader, for supporting me and choosing chandoo.org as partner in your journey to awesomeness.

Apart from our readers, there are also countless people, websites, books, companies which helped me have a fantastic year. This message is my way of saying thanks to them.

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Introducing…Structured References for PivotTables

Published on Oct 18, 2014 in hacks, Pivot Tables & Charts, Posts by Jeff, Random, VBA Macros

Howdy folks. Jeff here, bringing you a Public Service Announcement: Thanks to the magic of VBA , Structured PivotTable References are coming to a PivotTable near you! Structured References for PivotTables? So what? Well, because PivotTables are the best bit of ‘old’ Excel, and Tables are the best thing about ‘new’ Excel, and it’s about […]

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VBA Serenity

Published on Mar 31, 2014 in Posts by Jeff, Random, VBA Macros

Greetings and salutations, my fellow VBA-fearin’ congregation. Evangelizin’ Jeff here, spreading the good word about everlastin’ VBA serenity. You may remember me from mah preeeevious sermons such as Tables, PivotTables, and Macros: music to your ears and Big trouble in little spreadsheet. Well today, I’m going to praise the work of a high-yah pow-wah. Our […]

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I said your spreadsheet is really FAT, not real PHAT!

Published on Sep 29, 2013 in hacks, Posts by Jeff, Random

Howdy folks. Jeff Weir here, borrowing the keys of Chandoo’s blog so I can drive home a serious public service announcement. At Chandoo’s excellent post What are best Excel interview questions? you’ll find some great comments to help you land that next job, in the rare case that the someone interviewing you actually knows something […]

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Formula Forensics No. 028 – It’s Just a Jump to the Left

Published on Sep 6, 2012 in Formula Forensics, Huis, Posts by Hui, Random
Formula Forensics No. 028 – It’s Just a Jump to the Left

VLookup is often seen as the poor cousin in the lookup function family and often gets overlooked when it comes to looking up values due to a common misconception that Vlookup doesn’t or can’t lookup values to the left of the reference value.
Today at Formula Forensics we will explode this myth and see how to make VLookup, lookup to the Left and we’ll explain how it works.

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3D Dancing Pendulums

3D Dancing Pendulums

A quick look at Pseudo 3D and 3D Dynamic Pendulums in Excel.

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5 things that helped me run 10k

Published on Nov 30, 2008 in personal, Random

As told earlier I have finished my 10 k run today (actually 13 k). Even though running 10 kilometers is not a big deal for many people, it is a HUGE deal for me and I thought I would write a small post sharing my experience of crossing this important milestone.

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500+ subscribers, great content, wow this site must be good !

Published on Jul 31, 2008 in blogging, personal, Random

For the first time since starting this blog, I have crossed 500 RSS Subscribers today. Exactly an year ago, this blog had a small number of 25 readers and today the count reached to 505, with over a hundred of them reading updates through email. I am very happy to find this many passionate readers […]

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Which teacher inspired you most?

Published on Jul 28, 2008 in personal, Random

When I was in school we had a maths teacher named BVN. He used to teach advanced math (like trigonometry, calculus) for class 7 onwards. We used to fear him a lot because he is the strictest of them all. Finally when I got to seventh I met him as a teacher. And boy, he […]

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Worst bar chart ever? – World’s Most Expensive Places to Have Sxx

Published on Jul 17, 2008 in Charts and Graphs, Humor, Random

Environmental Graffiti should get the award for “worst possible bar chart ever” for this unbelievable piece of art… Who said bar charts are only for serious data interpretation, they can be used to have such fun 🙂 Also read Garr Reynold’s comments on this as well. Happy Thursday.. 🙂

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Are you ready to solve problems differently?

Published on Jun 27, 2008 in ideas, pics, Random

Just a take a moment away from your job, graduation term project, cooking or cat petting – whatever it is that you are doing. Now think and tell me if you have any other interesting, exciting, simpler, cooler of way of doing the same? Just remove all your assumptions, forget anything you have learned about […]

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Photographic Fridays #2 – Marbles

Published on Jun 27, 2008 in photographic fridays, Random

we are going…, originally uploaded by Chandoo. It was a lazy Saturday, my wife was having a concall related to work and I needed to pass sometime. While rummaging through the storage closet I found this old Chinese checkers board along with 60 marbles. Instantly I knew what to shoot.

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Here is a simple way to get Rs. 70 Lakhs when you are 55 – DONT touch your PF

Published on Jun 17, 2008 in Random

Here is a simple piece of advice to literally everyone who is working: do NOT touch your Provident Fund, no matter what. Provident fund (commonly known as PF, EPF) is a retirement benefit facility provided to Indian employees by their employers of companies that have more than 20 employees. The option is applicable for practically […]

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Published on Jun 12, 2008 in ideas, personal, pics, Random

The sunset was great today, what amazing idea / story / experience / thing you had today?

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