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Leader or Manager? What is my calling?

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Today we had a session on “Leaders and Managers” in OA. We had 4 wonderful Readings on leadership and management. (read some of them: Narcissistic Leaders, Managers and Leaders – Are they Different?). The readings are thought provoking. After living 24 years and going through so many textbooks and people I still cant define what leadership is? To add to this confusion, today is my turn to make presentations on the readings. I was a worried man when the OA class began, for I myself doesnt know what leadership is…

The best part of the whole thing came in the form of class discussion. We have 2 wonderful profs. teaching us (or rather facilitating us learn) this course. Todays class is taken by Prof. SG. He is known for his frankness and excellent communication. After the first presentation by preeti there were lot of questions. Prof. started enlightening us on what exactly is the difference between a manager and a leader. Of all the things he said in the class, this line inspired me the most.

“After completing the course most of you will become managers. Some of you will become men”

We had a very good discussion on how a person actually becomes a leader and how they are twice born. An argument vehemently supported across all the readings and by all the participants in the class. The prof went on to the extent and actually blamed the govt. and faculties for lack of leadership among current generation. He recalled his interaction with one of the NGO executives. Our prof. asked him why the executive is not hiring from IIMs despite he is from one of the IIMs. The responce he got was “Faculty have lost the C.” Simple and powerful example of how a teacher/guide can influence our lives.

I am still thinking…!


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