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How to pick a chart type – Charting 101

Published on Apr 19, 2010 in Charts and Graphs
How to pick a chart type – Charting 101

Bar chart or Line? Scatter plot or box plot? These are the questions we ask ourselves when we set out to make a chart. Because, “Selecting right chart for our data” is very important to tell our story.

In this article, we will learn how to “select the right chart” based on our data and situation.

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Interview With Presentation Zen’s Garr Reynolds on Charting & Telling Stories

Published on Jun 15, 2009 in Charts and Graphs

As mentioned earlier, I have met Garr Reynolds of presentation zen fame in Malmo, Sweden last Friday. What was to be a quick 15 minute interview became a 2 hour lengthy discussion on presentations, charting, excel, data, Japanese culture and of course our pointy haired dilbert blog. Read the entire interview in the post.

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Excel Links of the Week – Free E-Book Edition

Published on Mar 9, 2009 in blogging, excel links

Find out how you can get a free e-book on excel and charting in this week’s excel links.

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Excel Links of the Week [Nov 3]

Published on Nov 3, 2008 in excel links

The World’s First Music Video in Excel ACDC Rock n Roll Train This is totally cool. ACDC released an ASCII version of their “rock n roll train” video through excel spreadsheet. Why? So that you can download it at your office and watch it while your boss thinks you are working. 😀 I think this […]

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Question for MBAs

Published on Jul 11, 2007 in b-school, business, wonder why

Imagine this: You have an important client presentation day after tomorrow. You are going to demonstrate one of your company’s products and convince the client to use it in her upcoming project. Now suddenly you realized that the product has a feature that you cannot understand, like an excel import feature which is not working […]

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The Art of Excel Charting

Published on Jun 27, 2007 in Charts and Graphs, hacks, Learn Excel

Yesterday while going through my feeds, I have landed on this post about the demographics and use-figures of various social networking (2.0) tools, et al (by businessweek) on think:lab blog. When I looked at the BusinessWeek’s graphical representation of demographics and usage figures of social networks, the first thought that came to me is, “well, […]

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The problem with B-schools

Published on Mar 26, 2007 in b-school, wonder why

The problem with (B) Schools is that, they grade you. You are A-pos or A or A Neg or B Pos or so on. The grading starts right from the first day first presentation, quiz, assigment, case study, cp and goes on till you leave the campus with all your bags. So much that RG […]

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Say NO to Default Charts Forever!

Published on Mar 20, 2007 in Charts and Graphs, hacks, Learn Excel

or Excel Charting Hacks # 2Roughly 35-40% of my working time in office is spent with powerpoint. As one of my mentors said, powerpoint gives neither the power nor the point. Apart from writing truck loads of bullet points and using auto shapes, I also work alot with numbers and charts. Obviously I resort to […]

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You Know …

Published on Sep 28, 2006 in Random

… That You Are Making Too Many Presentations When You Write A Blog Post Like This.

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3 Steps to Create cool dashboards in excel

Published on Sep 5, 2006 in Analytics, Learn Excel

Dashboards are very common business monitoring tools, but creating them in excel with all the bells and whistles is not so easy. So here is a quick 1-2-3 on how to do it. Lets take a sample of 2 consecutive year sales figures for 7 regions. The colums have Region name, 2004-05, 2005-06 figures and […]

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9 sureshot ways to kill your audience using powerpoint

Published on Feb 7, 2006 in Random

Lately I have been attending campus pre-placement talks by various leading companies in India. It would suffice to say that I have attended over half-a-hundred presentations of companies “trying to sell themselves” to us. Some of them were really good, and then some of them are so pathetic that it made me feel sorry about […]

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Water Fight Ver. 2.1

Published on Jul 18, 2005 in Random

[Read Waterfight 1.1 here :D] I read an article long before coming here, when I was a kid and practicing 8th class mathematics and elementary grammar to crack an exam named after an animal. The article is written by a b-school student. One line in the article surprised me alot. It goes like this,“B-school education […]

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Brand Extension

Published on Jul 15, 2005 in Random

We had a presentation session on ‘brand extensions’ today in brand management class. It was a good learning experience to see what are the possibilities and steps to be taken before extending a brand. Its an altogether different question that some people were not comfortable with the idea of Apple getting into space travel. But […]

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First time and How!

Published on Apr 5, 2005 in Random

For all technical reasons this was my first time with a digi cam. I am mighty excited and was checking the cam every now and then. Feeling like a kid with new toy… 🙂 Some of the initial snaps I have taken with the cam along with little captions. The first pic with the cam […]

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Presented Propaganda and Other Stories

Published on Mar 13, 2005 in Random

One after another, they all came just after us. When Anoop (my groupmate) told me to wear formals to the class since we have a presentation to make, little did I imagined what the situation would be. After first two presentations it became clear that staying awake throughout 19 presentations each of them lasting for […]

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