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Syndicating a day of my life!

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<start what=”a brand new day”>

···<curse what=”scheduled task”>

···<check what=”time”>

···<sleep again>

···<check finally what=”time”>


···<rush to=”brush”>

···<check what=”timetable”>

···<pack what=”bag”>

···<consume what=”snack”>

···<gulp what=”coffee”>

···<rush to=”class”>

······<mark what=”attendence”>

······<sleep sometime>

······<do what=”CP”>

······<do what=”mock the other class participating class participants”>

······<take what=”tea break”>

······<repeat what=”above 4 steps” times=”2″>


···<rush to=”mess”>

······<consume what=”lunch”>


···<wait if=”quiz announcement” then=”prepare for quiz” else=”do next”>

···<sleep sometime>

···<consume what=”snacks”>

···<select oneFrom=”TT, Baddy, Browsing, Gym, gossip, blog”>

······<do what=”selection”>


···<consume what=”dinner”>

···<do what=”night walk”>

···<do what=”call near and dear ones”>

···<upload what=”study material” where=”brain”>

···<gulp what=”tea”>

···<select manyFrom=”Cases, presentations, assignments, projects, quiz prepn, browsing, movie”>

······<do what=”selection”>


···<select oneFrom=”maggi, parata, burji, omelette, bread”>

······<consume what=”selection”>


···<do what=”orbit stuff”>




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