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Midterm grades have started coming. Out of the 5 mids we had already 3 results have been announced. First was the BTO with a B+. overall, this term i finished the course with a B grade. Then came the FIN result. I got 60 out of 100. Since the prof. hasnt completed the evaluation of most of the papers as of now i dont know the grade. But i think i will get either B or B-. Then came the QT2 or stats. this was slightly better. got me an A-.

That is about it.


Last night i bumped into several good articles. some of the links worth reading are,

Those who can’t, consult by Mahesh Murthy, a critique on all b school campus placements to consultancy companies. 😀
Success, the pillar of failure? by a Lowe COO on how successful ad campaigns lead to failure. 😀
(the above 2 links require free registration.)
top 5 career mistakes


PG.com seems to be suffering from post-auliro-syndrome. we get it every year. basically because the user registrations go up drastically in the 2-3 months following CAT. Some of the craziest threads created on the board in the last 10 days are,

What is the difference between 100 percentilers and mere mortals damn hilarious interpretations of intelligence. highly recommended if you are in a good mood.
We all fall in it, have you? – a new concept. beat me !!!
What is your management style? – MSI for cat aspirants. never had the courage to peek inside the thread. 😀
Number system .. MAYA JAAL .. – Aah, this one takes the cake. ROFLMAO.
How comfortable you and your crush are? – Kill me, but tell me we are the BEST 😀


If you crossed all the boobytraps (read links) and came past this point in reading my blog, well, let me take my hat off for you. 🙂
Looks like we have some deadlines piled up for the next 7 days. The fun starts now. 😀
– 1st dec >> MAC projects (2)
– 1st dec >> RM project
– 1st dec >> QT assignments (2)
– 2nd dec >> Marketing presentation
– 5th dec >> OM Assignment
– 7th dec >> QT project
– 7th dec >> OM Assignment

somebody scare me!!!

Chalo, bye !!!

Y! Status says : nothing !!!


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