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My First Night (out) @ I

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Come to think of it. I have been in this place for the last 7 months. Gone through hazaar quizzes, made umpteen presentations, wrote unimaginably lengthy reports and snored like anything in the class. But alas!, I have never put up a night out (out and out nightout means you get not even a wink of sleep). The latest time I crashed was 7:00 AM on a couple of occasions. But even on those days I had a decent 2 hour sleep.

Such a shame. Everyone talks about tortures in Bschool and here one outlier who never put up a night out. So I thought last night, just for the heck of it that I am gonna put up a night out. To be very frank whatever may be the work we have for any given day, all of it can be completed before 5am and you still get a decent 3.5 hours of nonstop winks. Due to bounded rationality and some weird JIT algorithms we try to work till the last minute to get best out of everything. Anyways we are talking about my first night I guess.

So there I was at 1am in the night canteen savouring an alu-paratha. After the gastric luxury one of the co-eaters suggested that we play a game of badminton. You have to be here to know how cold it was last night. Since the basic premise under which most bschoolers operate is irrationality, there 4 of us with one hand in pockets and other holding the racquet in the baddy court trying to chase the shuttle. After 3 games of exhaustion I came back to my room. the clock is showing 2:50.

After some vigorous page turnings and window maximizations finally it was 4:20. I thought I would crash as I am adding no value to myself by wasting time on Brealey Myers (that is Corp Fin for the uninitiated). Here we need to discuss about the 2 species of human beings. Those who complete their work and sleep and those who sleep and work after waking up. I for one never believed in my abilities to leave the sack early in the morning for some intellectual pursuits. So I religiously complete whatever I want before hitting the bed. But some reason GOVAR has chosen to join the opposition. So, at 4:20 am in the morning he came online in Y!. Just for the heck of it I buzzed him and asked if he is awake.

I proposed him a morning walk at 7:00. We finally decided to pull in setup (Nirmal) also. So there we are, 3 crazy assholes early in the morning trying to waste time till 7. I did some more corp fin, some case reading, lots of browsing.

Finally it was 7. Setup is totally lost in the world of reasoning and corporate finance. He said he cant walk. The worst thing is we couldn’t get his camera either. Then we had to wake up masala (venky baba) to get a camera.

Thus we started walking downhill. It was a beautiful morning. See some of the pix we clicked.

After the walk I took breakfast at 8:30. First time since I joined here I took breakfast 1 full hour before classes begin.

That is all about my first night (out) :D.

PS: CP of the day
Prof: What is the Diff. b/w risk, certainity and uncertainity?
CP GOD: Sir Risk is when you almost certainly know that there is going to be uncertainity !!!
Entire Class: Applauses the verbal abuse


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