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no time to blog :(

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Last 2 days of have been slightly hectic with one presentation and the impending endterms. Yeah, i know that i am talking too much about these end terms. But that is what you feel at times. anyways i am not complaining 😀

there are some chaos about PG.com leaking the CAT results (height of illogical conclusions :D). but it settled down after 10-12 hours. Also I am busy with usual modearation and helping work on PG. these 5-6 days the forum will get lot of traffic and all newbees and callgetters try to get anything and everything they can lay their hands on.

My suggestion to you if you have (an) IIM Call(s) in your hand:
“Relax for a week. no need to kick start now. Rather spend some quality time with yourself and your friends. simply put bask in to the glory and enjoy. By any standard this years results are 2 full months early. you have all the time in the world to prepare for the interview. that doesnt however mean that you wont screw the interview. But during the break time i suggested, you can plan your GD/PI preparation. I will try to compile my ideas on gd/pi and make couple of posts here as well as on PG.”

Chalo that is all for now. Me off to studies again. will blog more on the day to day life tomorrow cause its a holiday 😀



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