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My appointment with Dr. Lecter

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Tomorrow is a global day. We have 3 classes starting with Strategic Planning and ending with a double whammy in the form of 2 HR classes. That means you can something like “That will have longterm strategic impact on the firm and place it in a competitively disadvantageous position vis-a-vis competitors and demotivate employees from reading ePapers and surfing banned websites during office hours” in all the classes without a shred of shame or guilt.

Anyway, that is not the point of this blog. Rather, lets talk about Lecter. Dr. Lecter Hannibal.

I love anything on the screen as long as it doesnt have blood and violence. May be somewhere deep inside myself, I believe in more softer forms of drama. Even now, most of the times when I see a movie, I close my eyes when violence becomes too much for me. May be this shows that I am not ready to face it. May be it shows what I am. So when I copied “silence of lambs” from the LAN and searched the same on IMDB and read the reviews, little did I know about the crude nature of the film. Govar said, watch the movie on a comp with good speakers. My 5 year old box has 2 little paper weights with little LEDs and I still convince myself that they are speakers. Well, they were THE speakers at the time of purchase. But now they pale before all the woofers in the hostel.

Anyway, that is not the point of this blog. So I started watching the movie after a dose of maggi and a bout of tea at about 12:50.

Even though my speakers are small, the print of the movie is really good and produced a real quality sound. As the movie progressed every minute I was saying myself to stop the movie. But I prevailed in the end. I wanted to see how much of this I can tolerate. I think this is what happens when you sit through long sessions of manifesto presentations, slideshows, guest lectures and un-fullstopped-CPs.

Anyway, that is not the point of this blog. So I completed watching the movie.

what do I feel about it? well, nothing to be frank. Atleast now I know that I am not as sensitive as what I would like to believe. But I also knew that I wont be craving for more of this cult. May be sometime later. But not in the immediate future 😀

That is all about the Lecter. Oh!, yes, The movie is real class. Watch it, I bet you would love Lecter.



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