About me: Hui

Hi. My name is Ian Huitson but everyone calls me Hui


I work as a Consulting Mining Engineer in Perth, Australia. I have a Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Mining) from the Ballarat College of Advanced Education in Australia.

I am passionate about scheduling and budgeting, simulation and mathematics but more importantly is their application to real world problems.
I have been using spreadsheets since Visicalc and have used Lotus 123, Open Access, Quatro Pro, 20/20 and Excel.

I was first awarded a Microsoft MVP (Excel) Award in October 2013 for my contributions to the Excel community. It was re-awarded in October 2014.

I should add that these contributions are mostly here at Chandoo.org and at Excel Hero, see below.


Why do I start equations with a =+ ? Because Open Access used to start equations with a + and it has just stuck, although I am getting better at not doing this.

Open Access also had a great function ! which I often wish Excel had. In use you could do something like convert Celsius to Fahrenheit Enter =(9/5)*!+32 into a cell. Then enter say 20 into the same cell and the cell would display 70. The ! took the input directly into the cell and used it in the formula and displayed the answer in the same cell. The cell still has the equation.


I am married to Eva, and have 5 children. You can see a few wedding snaps here.

In 2009 I took 9 months off work and we did a bit of traveling and during this time I started answering questions on Chandoo’s, newly setup, forums where I have helped out ever since.

In May 2010, Chandoo asked me would I write an article on Monte Carlo Simulation after I had described the process in a post. This resulted in the well received Data Tables & Monte Carlo Simulations in Excel a Comprehensive Guide. I have written a further 70+ posts since then as well as Starting and Authoring the Formula Forensics Series.

I hope you enjoy my contributions below:


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In the early 2000′s I used to be a Beta Tester for John Walkenbachs PUP utilities.

During this period John and I would correspond regularly.

When I developed the Excel Mandelbrot without VBA I sent John a copy

Unbeknown to me John acknowledged the effort with this: Excel 2007 Bible


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I will be continuing to write small posts of a practical nature here at Chandoo.org and look forward to your input and suggestions.

If you have Excel questions please direct them to the Chandoo.org Forums where they will be looked at quickly by myself or any of a number of other Excel Ninjas or Excel users.



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