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Published on Dec 7, 2007 in america, wonder why

… that is exactly the message I get when I try to submit my repair estimate form from Cord Camera’s website. Whoever designed the website must be expecting camera repair requests from mars or read too much on special relativity theory, whatever is the case here is the jewel of a web form:

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The problem with B-schools

Published on Mar 26, 2007 in b-school, wonder why

The problem with (B) Schools is that, they grade you. You are A-pos or A or A Neg or B Pos or so on. The grading starts right from the first day first presentation, quiz, assigment, case study, cp and goes on till you leave the campus with all your bags. So much that RG […]

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Shareholders, value creation and all that bushllit

Published on Nov 24, 2005 in Random

The traditional theories of corporate finance have 2 viewpoints. They are, Shareholder value maximization is much more important than growing ones own limbs, stealing office stationary and gossiping at the water cooler. No one ever bothered to read the second bullet point. But the world from now onwards is not going to be like that. […]

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Published on Feb 20, 2005 in Random

When i was a kid, i was fascinated by numbers. So much so that I used to top all the maths courses. Later during the engineering first year when I failed to add 2 matrices in the final exam I felt like suiciding. It was such a shame for me. All the penchant for numbers […]

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Marcovian queues, arranged marriages and forefathers !!!

Published on Dec 6, 2004 in Random

Well, upon looking at the three words Marcovian Queues, Arranged Marriage and Forefathers any sane person (Aah!, that excluded all the managers in the world :D) would say that they are totally unconnected. Today, i am here to prove that indeed they have a strong relationship among themselves. So much so that, the relationship is […]

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are you doing BLOWJOB???

Published on Nov 24, 2004 in Random

Gosh!, you must be thinking that finally I started writing something interesting (???). Well, it very well is interesting. Just that it is not in the horizontal plane in which you are thinking it is.Without any further titles and other irrelevant stuff lets get to the ‘job’ in hand. BLOW in the blowjob stands for […]

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210 minutes of tragedy and 120 minutes of comedy …

Published on Nov 22, 2004 in Random

well, that pretty much summerizes the scene of 2 mids i had today. first in the day i had finance mid. well, as somebody was saying after the exam ‘the prof had left only 4 ratios in the text book’. Anybody who knows the spelling of finance can guess that at the most rudimentary level, […]

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Age old theory of age !!!

Published on Oct 29, 2004 in Random

This is one thing that you can not afford to miss. As soon as you finish reading this i bet you would be in a state of confusion as well as frustration. Your fundamental identity will come under question and you will soon find yourself questioning and seeking the ultimate truth. Ok, ok, lets make […]

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of Fishes and Idiots and Outsourcing

Published on Oct 28, 2004 in Random

Three things.. (1) I am reading “Dilbert Principle” by Scott Adams. Simply put, awesome book. All the idiocies in work life of 90% of the population are explained with the help of the simple theory that “people are idiots”. Most of the time i was thinking about my earlier work place and laughing out loud. […]

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T1 – An Interim Status Report

Published on Oct 1, 2004 in Random

I am here for the Term 2 of the PGDM. Before I start blabbering anything about the t2 I think a review of the term one might be a good read. Like everyother soul on this hill I also came with infinite dreams and unlimited($) hopes to this place. Well, looking back at the term […]

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Its all in Game Theory Stupid!!!

Published on Aug 28, 2004 in Random

Next time you meet a crazy b skooler who sleeps at 5 or may be 7 in the morning dont start arguing with him about the rationale behind his deviant act against nature laws. There is lots of thoery and practical application behind his/her insane act. Got curious???, Read on. (Warning: The following text is […]

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I want a day like this everyday !!!

Published on Aug 26, 2004 in Random

Today (or is it yesterday?) was very good. The day kicked off with Block A Gyaan session at 12:30 am by Prasoon making a presentation on Forex. Some 40 odd highly motivated pgp1s attended the presentation. This is the first of the several presentations that are going to be made by armageddons so that our […]

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‘sleeper’ class-apart

Published on Aug 24, 2004 in Random

There are boozers, then there are movie buffs. There are food freaks too. There are dance maniacs also. There are surfing addicts. There are gamers. Above all there are sporting stars. But there is one sect of the prisoners living here. Their eye shutters drop at the drop of hat. Literally. I am proud to […]

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Jargon Stanle-i

Published on Aug 19, 2004 in Random

Aaah… Finally the Messiah cometh. The post that unlocks the B skool jargon wisdom to the common outside the gates. Read through some of the craziest words used by elItes. CP – This ominous word has numerous numinous followers. But nonetheless the meaning is same for all of us. CP stands for Crap Participation. Other […]

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Bizzy Bees

Published on Jul 13, 2004 in Random

Excuse the obvious spelling mistake in the title of this p(f)art. well, to begin with, yesterday was a freeday for us. And when i say yesterday is a freeday i mean, we don’t have much to do today. We had 2 surprise quizzes yesterday. One on Eco and the other on accounting. since my ability […]

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