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Age old theory of age !!!

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This is one thing that you can not afford to miss. As soon as you finish reading this i bet you would be in a state of confusion as well as frustration. Your fundamental identity will come under question and you will soon find yourself questioning and seeking the ultimate truth.

Ok, ok, lets make it clear. If you are not one of those software engineers or mba students, then from the next time onwards start reading my blog from 3rd paragraph as the first two are solely serving the purpose of keeping the above mentioned creme de la creme busy.

*** Start of the Age old theory of age ***

Today, my classmate Potti is standing outside the mess after the copious lunch and chatting with us. Suddenly out of blue, Potti proceeded to ask people a very simple question. That is,

“What is your age?”

everybody naturally replied a number slightly above 20 and not more than 25. Potti with the look of “cruel teacher who is enjoying while his wards are making mistakes” on his face stood there for quite sometime before the ultimate revelations came out.

He said,

“We all are more than a billion years old”

We all started laughing out loud and shouting at him. He then proceeded to say,

“… What is our body? It is built up with atoms. atoms of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, maruti zen(i swear i am not making this up!!!). And where are these atoms coming from??, they are here for billions of years. We are nothing but these very atoms. And thus we are more than a billion years old.”

We don’t know what to say. Suddenly we all are thinking. Well, despite the fact that *thinking* is a rare feat for worm bodies having managers inside them, we did think. After the initial hue and cry over the theory which rocked the fundamental premises of life we all decided that we need to reward the great philosopher among us.

One of us suggested that we need to celebrate Potti’s ‘One Billionth Birthday’. And being the birthday it is, we have to follow the formal procedure laid out by the seniors when celebrating it.

we have to literally throw potti one billion times into the air and catch him the same number of times and then we all should vigorously add the spare atoms on our footwear to potti’s A$$.

Owing to the lack of time and considering the importance of the ‘national income calculations’ (people also call it Macroeconomics class) due in another 15 minutes we have decided to give *only* bumps to Potti…

*** End of the Age old theory of age ***

Implications of Age old theory of age:

come to think of it!!!. It will just change the meanings of everything we have ever known. Some of the things which i can think of are,

– With a shade of luck and spare fat, you can become older than anyone ever lived in your entire family tree. Both upwards and downwards that is.

– Momentary farting in classrooms is actually making you young and thus immature. So, keep your mouth shut in classrooms.

* you can always put in the contributions in the comments. Who knows ? You can be the next person to comeup with a path breaking theory like this !!!

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  1. Nikhil Narayanan says:


    Looks to be a fast written piece. Hi to Potti. dood, still having weird ideas, thought IIMI would make you sane....


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