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of Fishes and Idiots and Outsourcing

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Three things..


I am reading “Dilbert Principle” by Scott Adams. Simply put, awesome book. All the idiocies in work life of 90% of the population are explained with the help of the simple theory that “people are idiots”. Most of the time i was thinking about my earlier work place and laughing out loud. Add to that the dilbert strips thrown in the book are too good.


I have seen or rather finished watching “Finding Nemo” yesterday night. Great movie it is. The story of small clown fish called Nemo. The good thing about animation movies is that they give you true entertainment by taking you to a different world. We see movies in which companies fight, nations fight and even individuals fight. This is pretty much here outside the movie theatre also. No point wasting time on that :P. Some of the suggestions to bring reality back to your life,

– Ice Age

– Toy Story

– Antz

– Finding Nemo

– Tom & Jerry


Today I have debate on “Outsourcing – the source of urban illetarate”. I am to speak against the topic. Gathering info on it. Hope it goes peacefully 😀

Chalo den, time for another maharaja dose of macro-economics.

Current Y! status says: Defy Convention – Sleep in the nights


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2 Responses to “of Fishes and Idiots and Outsourcing”

  1. Govar says:

    Ofcourse. Read all the books by Scott Adams. Teaches us what not to do as managers.

  2. Chandoo says:

    you stop doing all that. you will end up sticking to your swivel as engineer only. as managers we need to ..... 😛

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