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Bizzy Bees

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Excuse the obvious spelling mistake in the title of this p(f)art.

well, to begin with, yesterday was a freeday for us. And when i say yesterday is a freeday i mean, we don’t have much to do today. We had 2 surprise quizzes yesterday. One on Eco and the other on accounting. since my ability to add numbers has sufficiently crippled after joining here, i might end up getting a D or C- in that quiz. Even a C- is super optimistic. Eco was peaceful, but thanks largely to RG I might get a D in that also since everybody who is anybody in pgp1 will get the same score that i will be getting 🙁

The prospect of bad quizzes combined with the fact that I don’t have any reading to do for today’s class has prompted me to indulge in play. played TT and volley ball (learning) for a couple of hours. Later in the darker parts of the day also indulged in some gluttonous activity.

But the quizzes doesn’t end there. We had BizCzars (bushiness quiz) organized by culcom at 9:30 pm. so JAM, Venkat and myself went there to register for it. We were very casual and not at all prepared for it. Since there were somany teams the quiz was conducted in 2 rounds. We somehow managed to scrape through the first round and our team was the last to qualify for the next round with a score of 10 on 25 :(.

But the fortunes reversed after that. We were sharing the top position at the end with a PGP2 team. since there cant be ties for the first prize we both were asked 4 questions again on the premise that whosoever answers the first question right will get the first prize and the other will have to take the second prize. If a team answers a question wrong then the other team walks away with first prize. I have seen game theory in application for the first time in life :D. Since the stakes were high no one from both teams took the risk. Finally we agreed to share the money among us. That made 1350 for our team and the same for their team. Whew… Atlast there is one quiz where we got an A. 😀

And that takes us to the obvious spelling mistake in the title. It is our team name in the quiz. woooo… Waiting for more good grades in quizzes.



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  1. Bhars says:

    Congrats... keep rocking 🙂

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