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T1 – An Interim Status Report

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I am here for the Term 2 of the PGDM.

Before I start blabbering anything about the t2 I think a review of the term one might be a good read.

Like everyother soul on this hill I also came with infinite dreams and unlimited($) hopes to this place. Well, looking back at the term one all I can say is this place is just another place. Not that your dreams and hopes are not satisfied. Actually there are good chances that you can realize your dreams here. The only thing is this place doesnot play any role in your transformation. It is all your PICK. If you want to change, if you want to learn, if you want to experiment then iim indore gives you all the space you want to do it. If you are smug and complacent with what you have got then no one, not even the brand and system can change you. In this regard this place is as good or as bad the outside world.

Otherwise, talking about the term 1 from the academic learning point of view, well, I did learn(???) some fundamental concepts about 1-2 aspects of business. I believe that, term 1 is all about introducing the participants to the business and its methods. We did learn some tools like accounting and HR techniques, but unless you go out and face the situation there is no point in solving hundreds of cases. case is like a photo. Everything else is frozen in it. If you have a HR case you are looking at it only from HR perspective. Also, cases represent the facts that case writer want to. Well, they are far better than theory and exercises. But most of the learning came from the process of solving the case in group or individual basis.

Other than the forced learning, I did became a better JIT implementer. Well, looking at the term 2 course outlines it seems I am going to get better. All the quizzes and assignments hurled towards us have made most of us insensitive towards deadlines. Earlier during my work and graduation ‘having deadline’ was a news. Now, ‘NOT having deadline’ is the news.

That is all about term 1. I am looking forward to term 2 for more ragging.

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