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Jargon Stanle-i

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Aaah… Finally the Messiah cometh.

The post that unlocks the B skool jargon wisdom to the common outside the gates.

Read through some of the craziest words used by elItes.

CP – This ominous word has numerous numinous followers. But nonetheless the meaning is same for all of us. CP stands for Crap Participation. Other expansions are, Class Pharticipation and Class Participation. Usually one of the acronym is assumed while a person is doing CP.

Variants of CP:

  • DCP – Desperate CP
  • AC CP – After Class CP
  • C CP – corridor CP ( CP talk with prof. regarding some intricate topic discussed in the class )
  • Just now woke and started CP – self explanatory
  • Eating into earlier CP – You make a good point. Junta claps. Then you try to get more kudos by farting.
  • Co-operative CP – Your friend makes a point. Immediately you give CP saying ‘I fully (dis)/agree with my friend’
  • Shuttle Cock CP – In a big enough lecture hall 2 masters of game use this arcane technique to physically enervate their facilitator. The concept is, one person on the left/right bottom corner of the class gives CP. No one else does a single thing. Then one person from right/left top corner of the class raises hand and faculty moves there since no one else is demonstrating his/her length of hand. This process continues till the faculty feds up.
  • Predetermined CP – In this, the CP revolves around one or two words of the session. For more info refer this.

Fundu – One of the most popular filler words around here. Can be used with literally anything starting from sentences like,

“Fundu sambar”,

“fundu website”

to very complex orations like

“there is a fundu thing about cognitive evolution theory which says that a task which is intrinsically….”,

“abey yaar, thu tho fundu CP maar the hain”

Gyaan – Any mention of the lexicon is incomplete with ‘Gyaan’. Gyaan stands for porn. The etymology says that, long long ago there was a king named ‘innovative’ who wants to share his ‘Gyaan’ on basic human instincts. All the gyaan was unfortunately in the electronic form which cannot be circulated freely. So the king has created a fold-her on his box and monikered it as ‘Gyaan$’. Thus came the word Gyaan into this world.

Despite the fact that this blog ends after the next 2-3 sentences, attentive readers may note that, no amount of human energy is sufficient to capture all the slang/non-slang regular vocabulary of the warm bodies living on a certain hill in central India.

Well, that is all folks. My next blog would be on ‘Why do you need to join IIM-I???’


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4 Responses to “Jargon Stanle-i”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Chandoo, Jam here,

    U come up with the most innovative titles for ur posts. As for your posts, they pretty much paint the true picture of things out here, although from the perspective of A Block. I ll try and post them from a D Block perspective. Keep checking my blog.


  2. Chandoo says:

    hey jam..

    Couldnt agree more with your statment 😀
    Sure thing, i will visit ze blog first thing after my nap.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I have an IIM acquaintance who often used the term gyaan whenever he talked...well, now I know what IIM-ians use the term "gyaan" for....LOL...:)

  4. yashwanth says:

    one thing i would love to ask is ...do we have a gym at IIM Indore?

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