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More on placements, graduation etc.

Published on Mar 1, 2006 in Random

Somestuff… I am leaving day after tomorrow. Madhu (comp), all the books and most of the clothes will be leaving tomorrow Planning a trip to Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and some other northeast destinations. May start from 16th March and go on till 29th march. The convocation is most probably on April !st. somebody said in […]

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JIT – Writer’s notes from implementation

Published on Nov 29, 2005 in Random

Implemented in: Business Process Reengineering & Enterprise Resource Planning (dont wonder, we do have such course names :D) Sessions Max: 10Sessions Over: 10 Endterm Declared? YESOpen book? YES End term at: 9:30 AM, 29 November – 2005Study Material for the course collected at: 9AM, 29 November – 2005 First time book opened at: 9:12AM, 29 […]

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First time and How!

Published on Apr 5, 2005 in Random

For all technical reasons this was my first time with a digi cam. I am mighty excited and was checking the cam every now and then. Feeling like a kid with new toy… 🙂 Some of the initial snaps I have taken with the cam along with little captions. The first pic with the cam […]

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Of career and electives…

Published on Mar 25, 2005 in Random

After lot of thought and reconsiderations I have made my decisions for electives. On the outset the list or electives may look like I am doing general management, but I have ended up taking all courses related to marketing. I know this is a tough choice to make as i will have to spend rest […]

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Presented Propaganda and Other Stories

Published on Mar 13, 2005 in Random

One after another, they all came just after us. When Anoop (my groupmate) told me to wear formals to the class since we have a presentation to make, little did I imagined what the situation would be. After first two presentations it became clear that staying awake throughout 19 presentations each of them lasting for […]

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Midterms over. Now what?

Published on Feb 24, 2005 in Random

Almost. Except for Operations Management II all other mids are over. Due to a small accident the OM mid is rescheduled. To make life more exciting post midterm i am planning to, – Complete Barbarians at the Gate The Fall of RJR Nabisco, Absolut Biography of a Bottle and ofcourse Life of Pi– Listen to […]

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My appointment with Dr. Lecter

Published on Jan 31, 2005 in Random

Tomorrow is a global day. We have 3 classes starting with Strategic Planning and ending with a double whammy in the form of 2 HR classes. That means you can something like “That will have longterm strategic impact on the firm and place it in a competitively disadvantageous position vis-a-vis competitors and demotivate employees from […]

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Latest @ PHD

Published on Jan 21, 2005 in Random

well… I have been luring my visitors about the happenings here. let me acutally put them down. like a condom advertisement which exaggerates the excitement to exorbitant levels,you might find this a dud of a post. lets try. Man!-I-Fuss-TooWell, come january its election time at I. yours truly contested for Secretary, Media & public relations […]

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Ideas … Infinite!

Published on Jan 20, 2005 in Random

Well, it is not a T-shirt caption. Rather it is about the current term in the 2 year course i want to blog. When term3 kick started 10 days ago, I thought it would be another 30% content and 70% global term with more fundaes on various areas of management and understanding people. I couldnt […]

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Escape to Reality – Part III

Published on Dec 4, 2004 in Random

Read the Part I here | Read the Part II here 5:30we have started back to the place called as IIM Indore. This time due to dumb luck i got a seat in the qualis where all the hard core tams are there. I was sitting in the middle of the middle seat. You can […]

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Escape to Reality – Part I

Published on Dec 4, 2004 in Random

It was never meant to be this great. Actually, even in my dreams i never expected today to be this good.Sometime yesterday night, Venky (we call him BABA, an amicable lad from CTS and a genuine product of TN) came to my room and woke me up from a deep slumber only to ask me […]

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Making Location & Capacity Decisions

Published on Oct 25, 2004 in Random

A Case Analysis on Making Location & Capacity Decisions For Sleeping Prepared by: Purna Chandra Rao D PGP 1 In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course SMSR – II (Satisfying Minimal Sleep Requirements) Indian Institute of Management, Indore Introduction: This analysis primarily focuses on how to make decision with regards to location and […]

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So, What is happening???

Published on Sep 4, 2004 in Random

Long time, Almost a week. Or is it more than that. Frankly, there is no one reason why i am not able to write anything here. as mentioned earlier, september 1 has been the favourite deadline for several course instructors. Result is that most of us are busy fine tuning their Just-In-Time skills 😛 well, […]

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Mad Termination

Published on Aug 16, 2004 in Random

Yes, I know that I was late. I know that I am lazy. But I could not help the mad pace at which things were happening here. If someone doesnot have proper time management skills, he is literally screwed up. Thank god, I was able to do the right thing at right time and now […]

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Sexy Atmo

Published on Jul 16, 2004 in Random

Don’t be confused by what I have written in the title. All I am saying is about the atmosphere here. Not anything else. It started raining here. The hilltop penitentiary is getting all the more attractive these days. With all the breeze and drizzle one would kill to stayback in the room than toiling oneself in […]

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