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So, What is happening???

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Long time, Almost a week. Or is it more than that. Frankly, there is no one reason why i am not able to write anything here. as mentioned earlier, september 1 has been the favourite deadline for several course instructors. Result is that most of us are busy fine tuning their Just-In-Time skills 😛

well, the deadlines apart, there are several things happening of late. Some of the most important things are (this is gonna be lengthy),

– I am missing my near and dear ones terribly. Infact, its almost boring to go through books and readings day in day out. I want the break desperately. The feeling that it has been almost 3 months since i have done anything for someone else outside me is eating me. :(. Here everything is centered around the bloody 4 lettered word ending with F. Aah, as someone’s Y! status says, DLBGH (Days Left Before Going Home) is 12 as of now. Praying that these 12 days pass as fast as they can.

– Most of the courses in the term1 are coming to end and this means nothing but one more round of submissions. Well, it so happens that most of them were group submissions. So, that gives me some relief and this time i am seriously planning to use time better by doing whatever i can so that i can also prepare for the end-terms which will be started in another 10 days time.

– Seniors have left the campus for 4th term hols. The campus is looking almost empty which almost all the pgp1s hiding in their rat holes and preparing for the end-terms. One good thing about this is that, the length of Q at mess has came down :D.

– We had a guest talk by ‘Adi Godrej’ chairman of Godrej group today. It was really good and provided some value add. The more the guest talks i attend, the more i am feeling that CEOs and MDs do nothing but HR and OD. May be it is true that, ‘the higher you go, the easier it becomes’ :D. Well, not that what they are doing is easy, but as of now, everyone feels that accounting is the toughest thing on the earth.

– Talking about the ‘accounting’ reminds me about the mid term results which are coming out just like the way software engineers come out of their offices. Random and meaningless sequences. Well, So far I knew my QT and accounting resutls. B in QT and probably B+ in accounting. probably B+ because, the prof never gives the grades before the end term. He gives only scores and later he gives the CG for that subject. With this, the possibility of getting anything above 3 as the term1s GPA seems like a wet-dream. May be a close relative of the 3 on the wrong side can represent my GPA after term 1.

– I had somehow snatched the time on the wednesday and went to city along with raju on a bike to get a hair cut and buy some necessities. Well, the trip was anything but a just-hair-cut-trip. We took agra-bombay highway aka Kandwa Road the first BOT road in India. And boy, what a ride it had been. My best drive ever. The kind of perfect stress buster that one would want. But the trip proved to be more than a stress buster. We have lost in the city as we dont know the route to where we want to go. Finally at the time when we restared (I am a techie, you see) the bike it was already 10:20. We were back on the hill by 11:15. An awesome 5 hours on the roads. take a look at the road.

– talking about the stressbusters brings me to the topic of tonight’s schedule. This is going to be the last free weekend before the exams. After that, there is hardly any differance between weekday and weekend 😀

We (Jam, Raju, Senthil, Angshuman et al) are planning to go to the mid-way dhabha very near to the campus for having some poultry. It has been almost 100days since i had it. 😀 High time i had some of it, otherwise, i might as well forget how it tastes. Later we have the last booze-dance party in the september kicking off from 10:30. Seems to be a great weekend 😀

– the last but not the least important thing is, i have a toma and jerry file on the network. Yesterday, i was laughing like anything watching it. I simply love the cartoons. Cant wait to go back to home and watch the cartoons.

Current Y! status says: Assignment Problem: the problem with writing somany assignments for somany courses 🙁


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