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Of career and electives…

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After lot of thought and reconsiderations I have made my decisions for electives. On the outset the list or electives may look like I am doing general management, but I have ended up taking all courses related to marketing. I know this is a tough choice to make as i will have to spend rest of my life in this field. I have this crazy ideas about starting a brand consultancy, bpo firm or teaching in a b school. That is something in the long run, may be 10-15 years after i pass out. Many of us say that entreprenuerial spirit may die down if i wait that long, but the hard fact remains same. I need good amount of money to support my family and lead the life in a way i want.

From whatever little talks i had with seniors and other friends I gathered that, marketing career automatically translates into a “glorified salesman” for the first one/one and half years. Since my work experience is not adequate for laterals, i have to sit in final placements and take up an MT role. Ideally i would like to join a company with good training program as i personally believe that i have lot more things to learn before i can start serious work.

Coming to electives and whole 2nd year in general, we have to choose anywhere between 50-54 credits for the whole of 2nd year. There are 3 more courses worth 10 credits in total that are compulsory. Even though we can audit (thus study the course out of interest and not for grades) maximum of 3 courses i dont want to strain myself too much in 2nd year and thus ended up taking one audit course.

I am planning to take,
Strategic Finance management
Retial Banking – More because of its marketing undertones

Negotiations Management – Sales is all about this 😀

IT Strategy – Auditing this
Dataware Housing & Data Mining – New age marketing relies on this
Management of Software Development – The engineer in me wants this

New Product Development – Floating this course, will take up if its really interesting
Retail Management
Customer Relations Management
Sales and Distribution Management
Services Marketing
Advertising & Sales Promotion Management
Consumer Behaviour
Brand Management
B2B Marketing
Strategic Marketing

Supply Chain Management

That is the list. Looks exciting, got to wait and see how exciting they sound when i look back next year 😀

Chalo, we have 2 holidays lined up, me has lots of plans. Wait for some exciting posts.



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