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An Irish Evening

Published on May 18, 2007 in dublin, personal

After a hectic day at office and client site, we had a wonderful evening on Wednesday. It all started when one of my collegues suggested that we have a pint to cheer up the hard day at work. So off we went to a near by pub. There I got introduced to Guinness, Ireland’s own […]

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Lessons in Pricing from Murugan Idli Shop

Published on Nov 7, 2006 in Random

Agreed I am great fan of food. And more so when the place is real value for money. So I have become a regular at Murugan Idli Shop during the weekends. That brings us to the topic of this post. What can marketers learn from a place like Murugan Idli Shop?Pricing. [Useful Wikipedia links for […]

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Farewell Party and the deadly hangover

Published on Feb 25, 2006 in Random

I just came out from the hangover of our farewell party (it happened day before yesterday).[Read the welcome party post] It started with a formal dinner hosted at Mashal. After the initial rounds of beer, kebabs, food and excessive consumption of vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce (stop cribbing, I am passionate about food :D) We […]

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a lot of nothing

Published on Jan 26, 2006 in Random

yeah, thats right, i have been catching up with a lot of nothing. Been shamelessly and indulgently lazy for the last 6-7 days. My daily routine (if you can call it so) is, Wake up at 9, sleep again Finally wake up at 12:30, get ready to eat watch a couple of episodes of friends […]

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Recipe of my L!fe

Published on Aug 29, 2005 in Random

Type: Non-vegServings: Many Ingredients: 1 myself 😀1 Alarm clock1 Very good mattress1 Well equipped gymnasium1 Badminton court1 Computer with net connection1 Camera1 Blog account300 + friends online2-3 Library books40 GB of movies20 GB of musicA working version of FreeCellDaily The Hindu crosswordLatest copies of India Today, Business World & Outlook Traveler Preparation: Make the mattress […]

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Leh Trip – Part 2

Published on Aug 19, 2005 in pics, travels

A rattle of cha/coffee pulled me out of dreamland. The train is moving fast towards Jammu Tawi station. By that time others are awake. The scenery outside looked really beautiful with lots of greenery and plains. Every now and then we see a huge army camp. Outside Jammu Tawi Rly. Station At about 7 AM […]

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Eat Out!

Published on Jun 3, 2005 in Random

My romance with the wonderful city called mumbai is coming to an end in another few hours. I will be packing my bags and leaving to VT by 8:30 tonight. It actually has been one hell of a vacation with loads of new friends and new experiences. But if there is one theme that remained […]

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What is brain?

Published on May 24, 2005 in Random

After spending a long day sitting in one place after longtime I was rather tired. After having dinner at a near by place we (doctor and myself) came back to our room. With in no time I crashed. “what is a brain?” For a moment I thought i was dreaming. Then I realised that doctor […]

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Chowpatti beach

Published on Apr 14, 2005 in Random

Of all things i frequent in this coastal city, chowpatti scores a notch above everyone else. For one the beach is near by and spacious. After getting used to the ultra-space-conservative bombaite apartments, hostels, loos, offices, hotels and dresses of babes at the end of the day a beach with lots of space between me […]

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From Bombay

Published on Apr 10, 2005 in Random

Came to Bombay today morning. Had a wonderful journey. Managed to utilize most of the time by doing masala, sleep and dinner. It was my first time in AC class of trains. Had good fun exploiting the facilities. Somehow managed to lug my baggage out of central station in the morning. Damn, it sure is […]

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Presented Propaganda and Other Stories

Published on Mar 13, 2005 in Random

One after another, they all came just after us. When Anoop (my groupmate) told me to wear formals to the class since we have a presentation to make, little did I imagined what the situation would be. After first two presentations it became clear that staying awake throughout 19 presentations each of them lasting for […]

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Power Salad and Other Valentine Stories

Published on Feb 15, 2005 in Random

Just when we thought nothing can beat power lunches and dinners I came across this new consumable called Power Salad. The otherday I ordered for a fruit salad after coming from gym. The fruit stall guy seems to be taking little longer than I expected, so I asked him to deliver it in my room. […]

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The holiday in a B Schoolers life

Published on Feb 5, 2005 in Random

Loads of the bloggers in b schools ranted about “a day in myschool” stuff. All the scary stories are more or less successful in convincing outsiders about the concentration_campesque culture in these places. So let me try to sell you the story of how we spend a holiday. Since tomorrow is a holiday I am […]

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The AHA Effect!

Published on Jan 16, 2005 in Random

There are fairs. And then there are fairs. Then there is UtsAHA. to beat all of them hands down. UtsAHA is the reason for the inactivity in my blog. For the last 3-4 days half of IIM Indore are working like dogs to make this marketing fair happen. The concept of UtsAHA is simple. It […]

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Kaisa chal raha hi?

Published on Dec 25, 2004 in Random

I am suffering from a bad headache. I could complete only 1 chapter so far from evening. There are some 15 more to go :D. May be a small blogging break will do the magic and restore my concentration. hence this post. These days whenever 2 people meet one of them asks the other “Kaisa […]

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