An Irish Evening

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After a hectic day at office and client site, we had a wonderful evening on Wednesday. It all started when one of my collegues suggested that we have a pint to cheer up the hard day at work. So off we went to a near by pub. There I got introduced to Guinness, Ireland’s own beer or I must say, a national drink. Its a wonderful drinking experience. According to their website,

GUINNESS® Draught is best served at 4-6°C (that’s 39.2-42.8°F), with the legendary two-part pour. First, tilt the glass to 45 degrees and carefully pour until three quarters full. Then place the glass on the bar counter and leave to settle. Once the surge has settled, fill the glass to the brim. It takes about 119.5 seconds to pour the perfect pint. But don’t fret. It’s worth the wait.

After the pint we left to Drafton Street, one of the Dublin’s busy and famous shopping areas. Some friends were waiting for us when we reached. We all went to Cafe En Siene for more drinks, but this time for a fine peg of Irish whisky on the rocks. It felt wierd to drink in the broad day light, thanks to the summertime here. But otherwise the whisky was smooth and wonderful.

Later we left to Temple bar in the nearby street for some Irish music and more drinks. We listed to few songs over another Guinness and coke.

Finally we went upstairs to have Irish food for dinner. A large portion of chicken stew made sure that we were locked inside till 11pm. By the time we returned to our bread & breakfast, it was already the next day. Aah! what a day it has been


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