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The holiday in a B Schoolers life

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Loads of the bloggers in b schools ranted about “a day in myschool” stuff. All the scary stories are more or less successful in convincing outsiders about the concentration_campesque culture in these places. So let me try to sell you the story of how we spend a holiday. Since tomorrow is a holiday I am going to tell you what I have done till now and what I will be doing tomorrow. That sums up the situation.

5:10 Woken up from sleep
5:25 Gym. Time to work out.
5:55 Snacks & Tea
6:00 double clicked on Firefox and Yahoo Messenger
8:00 some committee meeting. Sometimes attending a meeting just before a holiday is a big pain in the ass.
8:30 meeting dispersed. We decided to go to a movie and then to dinner
9:00 myself, Dewan, Anoop and Govar are riding bikes towards Velocity Cinema
9:30 outside velocity. Ready to flip through Page 3.

1:00 done with reading Page 3. Konkana Sen (Mr. & Mrs. Iyer fame) is just awesome. Madhur Bhandarkar has done his homework before hitting the screen. What the heck!, it feels so nice to watch a movie in theatre after quite sometime (last time in vacation)
1:20 Inside Sayaji Grande. Ready for midnight buffet
2:00 Done with dinner. Ready for the ride
2:20 Zipping through the empty roads at 90 kmph
2:35 on the Ghat Road, Hanuma Tekri, Rau, Pigdamber, Indore. (that is IIM Indore for you)
2:37 Inside canteen. Sipping Tea
2:50 Inside A-305. Started Browsing

3:30  will start some movie
5:00  will crash
9:40  will wake up.
9:50  will take dosa. cant afford to miss them
11:00 will attend marketing group meeting.
1:00  will have lunch
2:00  will crash
4:30  will go to gym
5:00  will take snacks
6:00  will mourn for the end of holiday. will kick start the working day. will wait for the next holiday.



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