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Chowpatti beach

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Of all things i frequent in this coastal city, chowpatti scores a notch above everyone else. For one the beach is near by and spacious. After getting used to the ultra-space-conservative bombaite apartments, hostels, loos, offices, hotels and dresses of babes at the end of the day a beach with lots of space between me and the next person is obviously welcoming.
But chowpatti is not just about spacy. Its also about spicy. As an avid reader of this page commented somewhere else, you get amazingly made pav bhaazis in the beach. Yesterday night karthik an FMSite introduced me masala pavs. They are just amazing and mere mention of them is making my mouth water even now :D. Last night we( as usual hairy, karthik and me) had masala pavs for dinner. Ofcoz we also had 3 hours of gossip sitting on the sand.
But what demands the column space in this page is not gossip but the sexy aspect of the beach. You get to see very good you know what on the beach side of the road. 😀 But just when you start to enjoy the nature’s beauty a massage walla walks up to you offering the finest massage with his dirty hands. People say they do good massages, but i donot have the heart to submit my body to them. But the beach is not busy with masseurs only. There will be chanaa wallas, bhel puri wallas etc. etc.

All in all the beach is going to be my evening hangout spot for the next one and half months. Chalo me off to home and then to beach.

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