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Recipe of my L!fe

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Type: Non-veg
Servings: Many


1 myself 😀
1 Alarm clock
1 Very good mattress
1 Well equipped gymnasium
1 Badminton court
1 Computer with net connection
1 Camera
1 Blog account
300 + friends online
2-3 Library books
40 GB of movies
20 GB of music
A working version of FreeCell
Daily The Hindu crossword
Latest copies of India Today, Business World & Outlook Traveler


Make the mattress beautifully. Set the alarm clock for 8:30. Watch a movie comfortably sleeping on the quilt. Fall asleep depending on the movie. Wake up and switch off the alarm and sleep again.

Clean the body thoroughly and stuff breakfast inside. Add a teaspoon of coffee powder to a glass of milk and mix adequate sugar to it. Pour the elixir inside carefully to lubricate the breakfast inside.

Warm it slowly and carefully by exposing to sunlight and hot news.

Visually stimulate the dish by making it sit in front of Firefox while all the news and business websites are open.

Mentally stimulate the preparation by letting it catch up with hobbies like computer games, blogging, crosswords, chatting and photography.

Stuff the body once again but this time with lunch. Leave the dish as it is on the mattress for 2-3 hours and do not disturb it.

Shake the material well on a treadmill first and then in badminton court till the water oozes out of it.

Clean the dish with hot water under a shower and dry it carefully. Decorate it with fresh clothes and perfumes. Add a final stuffing of tasty dinner.

Serve hot and EnjoY!


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