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Kaisa chal raha hi?

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I am suffering from a bad headache. I could complete only 1 chapter so far from evening. There are some 15 more to go :D. May be a small blogging break will do the magic and restore my concentration. hence this post.

These days whenever 2 people meet one of them asks the other “Kaisa chal raha hi bhai?”… well, let me take you through the kcrhb timeline.

evening just before snacks
dude1: kcrhb?
dude2: abhi shuru nahi hua bhai…

at dinner time
dude1: kcrhb?
dude2: ek do chapter ho gaya. bahut chu**ya course hi bhai…

tea break at 11
dude1: kcrhb?
dude2: mera phat gaya bhai.. abhi thak OM (the second subject for the day) khula nahi…

tea break at 2
dude1: kcrhb?
dude2: fuck man… there is so much to do. I dont know what to do… 🙁

just before sleeping at 4
dude1: kcrhb?
dude2: mein ne yeh subject chod diya bhai. grades mein kya pharakh padta hi…

at breakfast before exam
dude1: kcrhb?
dude2: mat poocho yaar. mera bahut tension ho raha hi… 😀

and this repeats on almost all days 😀

Tada, back 2 books now.


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