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Eat Out!

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My romance with the wonderful city called mumbai is coming to an end in another few hours. I will be packing my bags and leaving to VT by 8:30 tonight. It actually has been one hell of a vacation with loads of new friends and new experiences. But if there is one theme that remained through out the holiday (errr.. internship) its the wonderful eat out locations I have found out and enjoyed.

So here goes a large scoop on mumbai eatouts for all the summer interns and management trainees of this world.

Cheap & Best:

Crystal – Its right on the marine drive, chowpatti. Wont burn a larger hole than 50 bucks if you want a dinner. Must try: Aam ras, Gobi Paratha

Paramount – Right on marine drive but further down than Crystal. Looks deserted, but thats because they have alternative revenue generation schemes (if you know what i mean). Must try: Biryani

New Heros – Almost a stones throwaway from Grant road station. Basically meant to serve cheap but decent quality food. And yeah, they do free home delivery in and around chowpatti. Must try: Roti – subji.

Sukh Sagar– Near chowpatti. If you are missing the coconut chutney and smooth idlys of south this could be the place for you. Must try: Idly, Pizza, Masala Pav

Amrapali – Near flora fountain, in the road behind fountain sizzlers. Want to experience a shady bar and restaurant where you can let loose your feelings and cravings? Amrapali could be the place. With cheap beer like Amberro of which a pint costs 20 bucks and decent food items which wont screw your stumoch the next day Amrapali could be a breeze on your pocket. Must try: Amberro, Biryani

Bagdadi – In the road behind Regal, Colaba, next to bademiyan. Ideal place for roti and chicken lovers. You get really large tandoori rotis for unbelievebly low prices. Must try: Tandoori roti, Chicken fry masala

Shiv Krishna – Chowpatti, further down the lane on which sukh sagar is located. Shiv Krishna is a veggie place. Air conditioned but easy on pockets. Must try: Navratan Korma, Rotis, Upma

Exotic but Not too expensive:

Noorani Cafe – Located in Mahalaxmi / Worli, near AC market. Wonderful biryanis and other non-veggie delicacies. Must try: Chicken biryani, Fried ice cream, Falooda

Ankur Restaurant – Near flora fountain, in the road behind fountain sizzlers. Awesome chicken dishes. Must try: Chicken patiala

Fountain sizzlers – Next to flora fountain. Very good sizzlers. Must try: any thing that is a sizzler

Harbour View – Located near Gateway of India. Further down the lane in which Taj is located. This place is the right place to with your girl/man. Awesome sea view and decent crowd. Food is decent but little expensive.

Chiquitha – Located opposite Regal, Colaba. Decent chinese food at decent prices. Must try: Chopsuoy, Fried rice

Cafe Royal – Located opposite Regal, Colaba. Amazing food, Great drinks. They have 1+1 offer on alchohals after 5:30 everyday. You get huge pitchers which can be converted into 6 mugs effortlessly. Must try: draft beer, sizzlers (costly)

Sundance – Located behind Eros, Churchgate. 1+1 on beer is what made us notice this place. Everything else is too costly here. But you can try Steam rice if you want to.

Mochas – Located near churchgate, towards marine drive. Amazing place to hangout with your girl/man/friends. Dont ever order too many desserts. Just take one and share it among 2-3 people and enjoy the music and ambience. Must try: Vertigo, Chocolate Avalanche, Cappucino

Biscuit ice cream – Opposite mochas. Serves home made ice cream surrounded with wafers. Low priced but decent taste. Must try: Vanilla, Butterscotch.

Theobroma – Located in colaba causway, further down than leopold and churchil. Awesome place for desserts and sweetdishes. Must try: Chocolate mousse, tiramisu.

New Kulfi Center – Located right in chowpatti, marine drive. Awesome place for kulfis. Very cheap and yummy. Must try: Kesar pista kulfi, milan, mix

Cafe Mondegar – Need I say where it is? Awesome crowd, good music, makes you feel light and relaxing. Must try: Everything is decent

There are still manymore where I had food atleast once and appreciated it mouthfully. Anyways the point is not that. The point is to eat and to drink and to enjoy. So lets do it 🙂



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