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About Classroom Humor & IT Textbooks

Published on Feb 22, 2005 in Random

I sit behind Ashwin (our quiz club secy) in the classroom. Both of us have a general hatred towards classroom learning and on any given day atleast one of will be sleeping in the class even though Ass wouldnt agree to the fact that he is sleeping. So to fight the attack of sleep and […]

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Published on Feb 16, 2005 in Random

Yesterday, I was making a ppt for some operations related issues and came across a couple of articles on the web related to how manufacturing outsourcing is happening. While reading one of the articles I have realized a strange thing. It is, companies obcession with acronyms. So much so that they have acronyms like MOST […]

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its a beautiful day!

Published on Feb 10, 2005 in Random

You must be thinking “oh!, no not another how did I spend my day post”. Rest assured. This is not going to be one of them unless you closely look for the clues. But that way everything falls in the same line just like Keynes saying “In the long run, we all are dead” For […]

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Ideas … Infinite!

Published on Jan 20, 2005 in Random

Well, it is not a T-shirt caption. Rather it is about the current term in the 2 year course i want to blog. When term3 kick started 10 days ago, I thought it would be another 30% content and 70% global term with more fundaes on various areas of management and understanding people. I couldnt […]

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Duh!, even I did it

Published on Dec 11, 2004 in Random

Before you can think of the various possible and pleasurable meanings for the dangling ‘it’ in the title let me clarify the noun it is pointing to. It is ‘Marketing Research’. 🙂 Well, there is nothing to be pissed off about it. Infact the story of my stint with marketing research dates back to day […]

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are you doing BLOWJOB???

Published on Nov 24, 2004 in Random

Gosh!, you must be thinking that finally I started writing something interesting (???). Well, it very well is interesting. Just that it is not in the horizontal plane in which you are thinking it is.Without any further titles and other irrelevant stuff lets get to the ‘job’ in hand. BLOW in the blowjob stands for […]

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210 minutes of tragedy and 120 minutes of comedy …

Published on Nov 22, 2004 in Random

well, that pretty much summerizes the scene of 2 mids i had today. first in the day i had finance mid. well, as somebody was saying after the exam ‘the prof had left only 4 ratios in the text book’. Anybody who knows the spelling of finance can guess that at the most rudimentary level, […]

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Making Location & Capacity Decisions

Published on Oct 25, 2004 in Random

A Case Analysis on Making Location & Capacity Decisions For Sleeping Prepared by: Purna Chandra Rao D PGP 1 In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course SMSR – II (Satisfying Minimal Sleep Requirements) Indian Institute of Management, Indore Introduction: This analysis primarily focuses on how to make decision with regards to location and […]

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Long time, no see

Published on Oct 21, 2004 in Random

Well, I agree that i havent posted a word for the last what …. days. Here goes a list of items i have done/doing in the last 16 days (not necessarily in the same order). Hope to blog more often 😛 – Seen ‘Hyderabad blues’ – Had 12 days of non-stop classes – had fin-1 […]

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Wake up man, You have a meeting now!!!

Published on Aug 22, 2004 in Random

It seems like the craziest thing on the earth. We are having meetings at the oddest hours possible. Taste this, – xxxx com meeting at 9:30 pm – the same com meeting at 11:30 pm which is postponed due to some quiz to 12:10 am and lasted till 1:25 am I need not tell about […]

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Messenger Cometh

Published on Aug 11, 2004 in Random

These days, everything is through messenger. People use it like anything. whether it is for communicating your launch cast address or informing the junta about some deadline or better still to beg them for some votes in elections. Midterms have reduced this communication and thus junta were depending on Y! Status messages to communicate their […]

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Cold calls and Other insights

Published on Aug 1, 2004 in Random

Today for the first time in iim career i got the cold call. Today we had 4 sessions. The first one was Written Communication. I went to the class in a hurry and i remembered some 20-30% of the case analysis we had done on sunday. I thought of taking a printout of the analysis […]

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Learnings all the way

Published on Jul 8, 2004 in Random

Today i had a wierd experience. and learning one of the most important lessons from it. it is ‘Never sleep if you have work to complete for the next day.’ We had one of those hectic days yesterday. something like, 3 cases to read, one group case presentation, roughly some 70-80 pages of reading from […]

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