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Yesterday, I was making a ppt for some operations related issues and came across a couple of articles on the web related to how manufacturing outsourcing is happening. While reading one of the articles I have realized a strange thing. It is, companies obcession with acronyms. So much so that they have acronyms like MOST (Manufacturing Outsourcing Strategic Team). And what do these people do? They talk with GO! (Global Outsourcing) Teams. Baah…

So what will happen if yours truly joins one such organization? lets see,
(btw, point the mouse on acronyms to know more)

Yours Truly: Boss, we have the STOP Team meeting soon.
His Boss: Yeah, it is at 10:30 na. I will come to it straight from PEST meeting.

YT: hmm… OK, btw, have you seen the recent report on TITS by ARM PITS?

HB: Yeah, but the report is more or less same as FART by CRAP.

YT: Ok. Forgot to tellyou, CEO wants us to go to Chinchkopli to attend SCUM 2015. I hope we will have good experience on the lines of Con SUCK 2014 in Timbuktoo.
HB: Lets hope so. Tada!

Coming back to 2005, what are the key takeaways? never forget to kyar.



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