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Cold calls and Other insights

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Today for the first time in iim career i got the cold call. Today we had 4 sessions. The first one was Written Communication. I went to the class in a hurry and i remembered some 20-30% of the case analysis we had done on sunday. I thought of taking a printout of the analysis before going to the class but i could not rush to B Block as i had to choose between printout and breakfast :(.

The prof came in and called for group 7. we were dazed and sleepy. He pointed me and asked me to do the situation analysis. It was a good experience talking the BS to play safe. Later i came to know that whatever i have done there is totally wrong. But that led to an interesting discussions and i have gained lot of insights into case method and case analysis. Its been one hell of a class and captured 100% attention of several participants.

Since tomorrow is holiday i am kind of freaking out doing stupid things. It seems my mind has neglected the mid terms. I have watched first half of you have got mail. played CS for a considerable amount of time. Went out along with GOVAR, Venky and UddU to get some pics of the campus. visit the album here.

Later in the night or rather in the early morning today, i went to a walk with POTTI. it was about 2 am when potti got the idea of going for a walk, i was averse to that, but somehow went along. And, man, it was amazing. The serene campus, the hill, the road downhill, the lights, the fog and the beauty of night. We initially planned for a 100 mt walk, but we ended up walking almost upto maingate and when we came back, we were rejuvenated. We had good discussions all along. POTTI is a chem engineer from iit madras. A nice chap and a great key board player, singer, footer and my opponent in tt. 😀

we dont have classes today. That explains why i am blogging at this wee hours. tonight we have the formal welcome party hosted by iimi. All the participants of PGP will attend it. And the SWAC Elections will be tomorrow. Wish me good luck.


PS To birds: I guess you can wake up now 😀


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