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I sit behind Ashwin (our quiz club secy) in the classroom. Both of us have a general hatred towards classroom learning and on any given day atleast one of will be sleeping in the class even though Ass wouldnt agree to the fact that he is sleeping. So to fight the attack of sleep and global cps we try to chat and crack jokes on topics and students. sample these …

– Do we call the merged company of FedEx and UPS as Fedups? (in connection with todays SP case on Airborne Express)
– What if BurgerKing and Mc Donalds implement JIT? Do they call the kanban as kanbun? (in connection with todays OM cases on BK and Mc’D)

Also on the cards is my ‘Managing IT’ exam preparations. Was going through the textbooks and realized an interesting thing. look at it,

Text1: System Analysis and Design by Kendall & Kendall
Text2: Management Information Systems by Laudon & Laudon
Text3: Database Management Systems by Leon & Leon

Why on the earth all of them have author couplets? Oh, btw, why am i wasting time thinking about authors instead of going past the first page… beats me :-/



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